What’s the Best Seasoning for Steak?

Steak should be treated with high regard because it is not affordable enough to have on our kitchen tables everyday. It is an exceptional viand, a meat lovers favorite. This type of meat can be cooked with different methods to fit the standard of any meat lover’s palate. Steak can be prepared fried, grilled, or barbecued. Either of these ways, the steak will be mouth-watering if season right!

The first step to take is to select the proper beef cut before you prepare your steak.

What beef cut should I have?


Loin, also know as the longissimus dorsi, is the longest and most tender part of the muscle that runs down the spine, ribs, or from the neck to the hip. The tenderness of the part of this meat is relative to the number of physical activities the muscle of the cow has undergone. Stiffened muscles are those muscles that are used often, thus it is less tender. The loin is the most preferred for steak and is relatively cheap.

2/3 down to the spine and on the opposite side of the ribs of the loin is the psoas, major. This is also called the tenderloin or fillet mignon. This part of the cow is the most gentle and less used, because of their small size and high demand, it has become expensive.

Prepare your steak best by…

A perfect cut of meat does demand an extra seasoning, aside from a pinch of salt and pepper. Have an experiment on your steak preparation! To tenderize the steak, have the meat covered with a plastic wrap and strike it a few times with a rolling pin. This results to disintegrating the meat fibers that creates a softer steak.


This can change the taste of the steak, to marinate the steak, mix the salt, pepper, beef bouillon, crushed garlic and a bit of olive oil. Make a few small cuts into the steak to increase the absorption of the flavor. Rub the marinate sauce on the meat. Wait for an hour and cook the meat by what method you want.



Even though we can make these dishes at home, we opt to order it in restaurants since this gives us an opportunity to learn other methods and spice combinations.. The steakhouse type restaurant is the best each one has its own secret recipe that they usually don’t share. This simple yet delicious meat is prepared with their own personal rituals.

Traditionally, crushed peppercorns and garlic is what most steak houses use. Paprika, cumin, and cilantro seeds are also chef favorites that can enhance the flavor of your steak further. With the chef’s own way of seasoning, peppercorn and garlic are the spices usually used. Start your experimenting on your own to make your own special seasoning combination.

The best spice collection is costly and it takes a lot of time and money to have one. Try the few great seasonings that are easy to find if the more exotic spices are not available in your area.

Top 3 Best Seasonings For Steak 

Amazing Taste’s Steakhouse Seasoning is the greatest. It is a combination of traditional peppercorn and garlic secured with a distinctive mixture of herbs. It creates a strong, smoky, and slightly spicy flavor. What makes it distinctive is it improves the flavor of the steak and preserves the juices of the meat. This seasoning is GMO-free, it can be done with different cooking methods. Brush some barbecue sauce right after it is done to add flavor.

Keg Steakhouse and Bar has its own distinctive seasoning. It give you that perfect steakhouse flavor under your own roof. Throughout Texas, Arizona, Colorado, and Washington, Keg’s seasoning is readily available. The seasoning is best when sprinkled and rubbed on the meat. Flame grill the steak to experience a real steakhouse style steak.

McCormick Grill Mates makes the most popular steak seasoning. A combination of traditional peppercorn and garlic mixture with a small amount of paprika extract makes the Montreal Steak Seasoning a must try. Black and red pepper are used which contributes to a small disparate and unique flavor. Sprinkle the seasoning in large amounts on the beef before grilling it or placing it on a pan for a mouth-watering steak.