T Fal Indoor Grill Review

After publishing our report on the best electric flat top grills, we’ve received many questions about the T Fall Indoor Grill. Is it a good grill? Is it worth the money? Below is our review on the T Fall Indoor Grill.

What You Need to Know About the T Fal Indoor Grill

Here are the basic stats on the T Fall Indoor Grill:

  • It’s smart. Select your cooking program, and your grill automatically adjusts to the thickness of the food you’ve placed on it to perfectly cook your meal. If you frequently overcook or undercook your food, you’re going to love this feature.
  • It talks to you. This grill will let you know how done or undone your food is with lights and beeps. This is especially helpful if you’re preparing food like burgers or steaks that shouldn’t be well done. It’s also helpful if you’re customizing doneness levels for different people.
  • It’s versatile. In addition to the grill and flat top plates the T Fal comes with, you can also purchase waffle plates and others, making this a flexible and extra useful grill.
  • It’s easy to clean. The T Fal’s plates are dishwasher safe, a godsend to anyone who’s had to clean the grease off a grill.

The T Fal also comes with a two-year guarantee and comes in two different sizes so that it can feed a family or a crowd, depending on what you need and have space for.

What Do Other People Think?

While the T Fal has a lot going for it, unfortunately, it seems to fail at just the places we most need it to work. Amazon reviewers report that the sensors on the T Fal have a bad habit of quitting after just a few uses. At more than $150, that’s a concerning trend.

The bottom line for us is this: try it if you fall in love with it, but be prepared to experience problems.