Smokin Tex Pro 1400 Review


  • Highly insulated Smoking Chamber
  • Large Capacity for Smoking Meat
  • Durable
  • Robust and Reliable
  • Easy for Maintenance


  • Difficult to Transport
  • Hard to Clean the Inner Chamber
  • No Exterior Wood Chip Compartment
  • Wells Tend to Break Easily

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Smokin Tex Pro 1400 Review

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What better way to unwind and relax than to spend a weekend barbequing? If you love food and don’t mind investing a bit more time and energy into preparation to get a delicious, most savory meal, get ready to learn some new tricks. You’re probably familiar with most barbequing, smoking and grilling methods.  But why should you bother to monitor temperature, fire, remaining wood chip quantity, and other details when you can let Tex Pro 1400 do all this for you. With this smoker model, the only thing you’ll need to worry while smoking your meat is that your beverage is chilled properly.

Surely there must be some cons to using Tex Pro 1400?

Every model of any product has pros as well as cons. The only difference between a product that sells well and that which doesn’t is in the features. If there are more pros than cons to using a particular product, chances are it will indeed sell well. If you’re wondering what made this particular model so popular, the only thing you need to do is continue reading.

Before going into specifics of this model’s features, let’s have a quick look at Tex Pro 1400 pros and cons, shall we?

Over A Thousand Square Inches of Cooking Space

Having enough space to place your meat for smoking in your smoker is an important matter for every gourmand. No one wants to smoke their meat in a smoker with small compartment, right? With his model, you won’t to worry about having too little space for your meat as it has a 1300 square inches large smoking compartment. You can fit more than 60 pounds of meat in it, and you won’t be limited by its shape.

This means that you can easily smoke whole ribs without cutting them in such way that they fit with other meat for smoking. With smoker this big, you’ll enjoy your meat-smoking sessions, as you don’t have to be so attentive while smoking. As we’ve said before, this smoker does all the work for you. Due to its large capacity for storing meat, it’s the perfect model for smoking various produce and meat products at once. If you haven’t acquired your favorite electric smoker, take a look at this list of smokers under 200$ and choose the one that best suits your needs.

Double Insulated Chamber

The first thing that you’ll notice on your newly bought Smoking Tex Pro 1400 electric smoker is that it features double thermal insulation. All four sides of this smoker are double insulated and are quite thick. This feature allows this model to sell well, due to the reliability of maintaining the desired temperature of the meat no matter what weather conditions you expose it to. According to experts, this electric smoker can operate at temperatures way below zero. The lowest temperature at which this smoker was performing perfectly was -10 ° C.

This means that you can bring your electric smoker wherever you go. Camping will never be the same with this durable model of an electric smoker.

Not a fan of camping or summer?  If you prefer to spend your holidays in colder regions, while enjoying smoked meat and produce, now you can bring your reliable Tex Pro 1400 electric smoker and enjoy quality meals outdoors. Set a spot, connect your smoker to an electric source and let the smoking begin. The best thing about using an electric smoker is that you can set it up and forget about it. You don’t have to worry about propane refill, wood refill, or anything other, weather effects or temperature. All you have to do is choose your preferred meat and produce, place it in the smoking compartment and set the temperature.

You’ll still be able to choose your own flavor to infuse with the meat. With so many flavors to infuse your meat or produce with, sometimes it’s hard to decide which to use.

Being that every wood chip provides different flavor and is intended for different type of meat, you should always pay attention to using the adequate wood chip for your food.

Rear Panel for Easier Meat Storage

One of unique features that this model possesses is its specially designed rear panel. This panel is designed to withstand enviable pressure, so you can easily place your whole meat platter on it and rearrange the produce or meat inside the smoker. This will prove to be a useful feature as not many electric smoker models have it.

This is why Tex Pro 1400 is one of the best indoor & outdoor electric smoker that you can buy nowadays. Due to its durable frame, wide smoking grate, double isolated compartments, this model sells on its own. If you’re thinking about investing in a new cooking equipment, you can safely invest in this one as it’s one of a kind. No other model will provide such satisfaction while camping or on winter vacation.

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The Conclusion

The model has various handy features that every experienced electric smoker user will find more than useful. If you haven’t acquired an electric smoker yet, but love smoked food in general, you can rest assured that Tex Pro 1400 will be an ideal model for you. It’s easy to use, extremely durable and reliable and you’ll spend considerably less time for maintenance than on other models due to its simplicity. This modern design of an electric smoker is also quite affordable, as you’ll find that the price is more than adequate for all the features that it has to offer. Check lasted Price on Amazon !

So next time you’re up for hiking, grilling or camping adventure in the great outdoors, remember to bring your electric smoker and you’ll always have a decent meal in front of you no matter where you are.