Smoke Hollow 30162E 30-Inch Electric Smoker Review

Smoke Hollow 30162E 30-Inch Electric Smoker with Adjustable Temperature Control


  • Two cooking grids
  • Three temperature settings
  • Porcelain coated water pan made of steel
  • Magnetic door latch
  • Durable industrial design
  • Fun to assemble and easy to use
  • Great capacity for the dimensions
  • Convenient to store because of the size
  • Easy to move and transport because of the convenient handless
  • Affordable and great for its price


  • Does not have digital temperature control
  • Occasional smoke leakage
  • Strictly for outdoor use

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Here in this article, you will find out one of the most treasured secrets of modern-day restaurant owners and chefs.

Wonder what is it and how it is connected to electric smokers or smoking food?

Well, stay with us and for a few minutes, and you will know!

Have you ever wondered how do restaurant owners always keep up with new trends in cuisine? Do they renovate their kitchen every year? Do the buy all of the new and modern cooking equipment as soon as it hits the market?

Of course not!

So, what do they do?

Well, one of the biggest secrets of restaurant owners is that they use the models that they know will offer them the best result with a reasonable amount of money spent. They buy the machines that are not top in the range, but that is as good as those, but maybe sometimes just a little smaller in size or not that pretty from the outside.

So here is the secret: If you want to have a successful and full-operating kitchen, go for the cheaper in comparison models of your cooking units and mind the space they need.

You wonder, how can this be the answer?

Well, with smaller machines, every meal in the kitchen can feel, smell and taste as it was made in a comfort of your own home or backyard! That is how the restaurants get the regular guests: they offer them the unique feeling of home made meals.

So, do you want to do the same and to be the best cook for your family and host for your friends?

Then, look no further!

If you are just starting an adventure of food smoking, or if you are an experienced food smoker who knows the true value of his money and wants to have the basic model that can do pretty much everything that any other and the pricier unit can then you are at the right place as well.

Here, with this model, just a small amount of money can guarantee the best possible results!

Smoke Hollow 30162E 30-Inch Electric Smoker with Adjustable Temperature ControlThe Features

Smoke Hollow 30 is an updated version of his predecessor. Everything that his previous, older brother did not have, this machine had to offer! Cosmetically and technically, this is by far the best model in its current price range!

So, here are the most important features this item can provide you with.


You can compare it with all of the models that cost more money, but you will find out in the end that this one is the right thing if you cherish your money and know exactly what do you want for it. Everything that should be there, is there, and it works perfectly and looks good enough.

If you are not in a search of an electric smoker that you will just show to your friends and brag about it without actually using it, this is the model for you. You can afford it, you can use it, you can maintain it and you will enjoy every moment of it!

Assemble is not a problem

This item will come to your address perfectly packaged, but it will need some assemble. But, have no fear: this is not some complicated machine with an instruction manual that will need an engineer to put in in the fully functional state.

Everybody can assemble this electric smoker. You will feel like a real pro when you put it up and running in a no time and you can establish the connection among yourself and your new favorite machine from that point on.

Everything with this model is easy, and this is why a lot of people would rather choose this model instead of some other, for which you will need to take lessons or to watch and endless set of Youtube videos just to figure out how it actually works.

Smoke Hollow 30162E 30-Inch Electric Smoker with Adjustable Temperature ControlStorage

As we have already said, you can easily move and store this smoker in a matter of minutes. It has really useful handles on the sides and because it is not huge and heavy, you will not be needing any help when you want to take it outside or to leave it in the storage room or garage for a while.

Amazing Dimensions and Great Capacity

This electric smoker is, as we had discovered at the beginning of the article, one of the models that you will easily find in a restaurant because it offers the amazing results with a normal size device and it could be used over and over again with a great outcome.

With dimensions that do not take up much space (from the inside, Smoke Hollow 30 is 30 inches tall, 16 inches wide and 14 inches deep; from the outside, it is 38 inches tall, 18 inches deep and 21.5 inches wide), you will be amazed with a final results of your smoking! On two available racks (one will be used for the water pan), you can put as many foods as you could put in models that have an extra rack or even two. You wonder why? Well, the answer is the very next feature.

Magnetic Door latching System

With this system, the door on your smoker will stay closed and you will not lose any heat whatsoever. Even if you open the door for a moment or two, nothing will happen to the temperature, because of the excellent grip that the mentioned magnetic door latching system provides and that will make sure that on the inside of the machine, everything works in the best possible way and that your precious food is turning to the gourmet dish with outstanding smoke flavor.

Smoke Hollow 30162E 30-Inch Electric Smoker with Adjustable Temperature ControlHigh-quality Materials

Some of the materials that are used in this model have not been a part of a standard set up. They cost the manufacturer more money and they can not be seen at the first glance from the outside.

So, you may think, why would you even want to add something like that to a model that has a typical industrial look and that does not care much to appear as a high-tech device?

Well, they are added to your own benefit!

How is that so?

The Benefits and Tips

With this electric smoker, there are so many benefits, that you will have to make changes in your schedule because you will find yourself constantly planning to smoke some more meat, poultry or even cheese!

  • It is, as it was described, one of the models that are easy to assemble, but it is easy to repair as well. Even thou most of the owners to not have any problem even after the years of usage, if anything eventually happens to your Smoke Hollow 30, you could repair it yourself because all of the parts are easily reachable and could be replaced in a matter of second. This way and your smoker will last for generations to come and will prove itself as a valuable investment over and over again.
  • The other good thing that comes with this removable parts is that it makes the cleaning of the smoker easier. Maintain your smoker as it was described, and you will not experience a single problem with it.
  • For the mentioned smoke leakage, there is a solution that every experienced food smoker already knows, and that the new ones can easily learn. When your smoker does not produce enough smoke, it is purely just because you did not put enough wood chips in a container. If you fill the wood chip container to its full capacity, make sure that it has the time for its much needed warm-up period. So, just leave it to smoke at 300 degrees for an hour, and when it warms up, you will be in a position to easily adjust to any needed temperature afterward and smoke all kind of food that you would like.

The Conclusion

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Smoke Hollow 30 Electric Smoker is affordable, an excellent device for smoking food. It may not look as some of the other, much pricier units, but it will provide you with everything you need for outstanding results in smoking food.

It is durable, reliable, easy to assemble and operate, and for the price that it has been sold this moment, you could not find a single better device on the market.