Smoke Hollow 3016DEWS 30-Inch Digital Electric Smoker Review

Smoke Hollow 3016DEWS 30-Inch Digital Electric Smoker with Window, Stainless Steel

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  • ​Large cooking area
  • Regulates the heat efficiently and properly
  • Great durability and high-quality design
  • Easy to clean


  • ​Some users complain about smoke leakage
  • It is hard to maintain the desired temperature

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The Hollow digital electric smoker will help you make the smoke-flavored, delicious food. It has two cubic feet of smoking capacity so you can quickly prepare more than one meal. This unit includes a wood tray that will allow you to place chips easily.

The appliance has three cooking grids that are chrome-plated and can be adjusted. You will be able to add smoke flavor to a variety of meals such as cheeses, pork, poultry, wild game, fish, vegetables, and ribs. You can easily see the results of your cooking without opening the door thanks to the tempered glass viewing window.

The digital controller includes a 1500 watt electric temperature source that will allow you to maintain the perfect smoke and cooking heat range during the winter. You can even use this device on the coldest days.

Regardless of the weather conditions, the cooking temperature is kept stable. It is the most convenient unit for outdoor smoking. The great thing about this appliance is that it is easy to clean it.

This product has the high durability thanks to the rust and corrosion-resistant porcelain coating. It will stay strong eventually, even if you operate it frequently. Also, you will notice that its door latch is high-quality and very efficient.

The Features


A hollow smoker is a perfect appliance that is constructed for outdoor cooking. Since all its pieces fit perfectly, it is very simple to assemble it. It will provide you enough area to hold up 22 pounds of your favorite food thanks to the two smoking grids. Because of their unique design, they will handle different shapes of food without difficulty. It is made of steel which makes it durable and firm.

Temperature Control

The heat control includes 3 settings that can efficiently manage the temperature. Each of them will provide you the precise smoking temperature. When you have set it to a certain level, it will stay that way until your meal is ready.

This product has a heat source of 1500 Watt that you can adjust. This temperature element leaks minimal warmth, and it is also energy efficient.

Easy Transport

Transport this appliance conveniently from the garden to the kitchen in just a few minutes. It is easier to move when it includes 2 side handles. The product is fitted with the door latching system that is magnetic and works flawlessly.

Metal Legs

This smoker includes robust metal legs. That way you will be able to access the door easier because the product is higher off the ground.

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The Benefits and Tips

  • ‘’One needs to remember that meats are a rich source of proteins and other minerals such as iron. The health benefits of smoked meatalso depend a lot on the type of meat that is being consumed. For example, lean meat such as chicken, fish, and turkey contains a lot less fat than heavy meats such as pork and beef. Fish, especially, is a rich source of omega 3 fatty acid, which in turn is responsible for protecting our nervous system and keeping our cardiovascular muscles working properly.A lot of experts agree that smoked meat does have its benefits if consumed in moderation because smoking food helps in reducing the overall fat content of the meat by allowing the fat to drip off. Always remember to consume less than 30 percent of your daily calorie limit via this method and you should be able to experience the health benefits that smoked and grilled meat has to offer.’’ according to The Rapidian.
  • Even when the temperature is cold, the product’s design will allow you to smoke the food outdoor.
  • The Hollow smoker has a capacity that can hold up to 22 poundsthanks to the two racks. That means you can cook more than one meal at a time. Because of its unique design, it will handle different shapes of food without difficulty. That is an excellent solution if you have a large family or having a bunch of friends over for a party.
  • It will allow you to maintain the perfect smoke and cooking heat range and you can even use this device on the coldest days.
  • Double wall construction will help hold the heat inside the cooking chamber. You won’t need to open the door to check up your food. You can easily see the results of smoking without opening it, thanks to the tempered glass viewing window.
  • It can be considered as a heavy duty smoker,so you don’t have to worry about its durability. It is constructed from steel.
  • The great benefit of this product is that it has temperature indicator for cooking heat management. This way you will be able to maintain the perfect warmth inside of the chamber with the three settings. With the vertical space and cooking grids, the temperature will flow steadily inside the unit that would lead to an even smoking.
  • You will not require leakage and facing problems with this unit due to magnetic door latching system.
  • The unit has a wood chip box that is painted and a water pan that is coated which makes the product highly durable.
  • It will be easier to clean up the residues after you finish cooking thanks to the replaceable parts. It is also very easy to assemble it.
  • At the sides of the appliance, you will find installed two handles. That way you will be able to transport the smoker from one place to another.
  • Be careful with the temperature controls though; some users complain that it doesn’t work correctly.

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The Conclusion

The Smoke Hollow product will provide you the ability to smoke different meals such as chicken, pork, vegetables, ribs, and beef. In this review, you can read about its features and what makes it a good choice. Because of its design, it is unquestionably long-lasting smoker.

Feature CC Image courtesy of Tim Huggins on Youtube