Smoke Hollow 30162E Review

The Smoke Hollow 30162E electric smoker would make a great smoker of recent times which will not disappoint in any aspect. If you are a kind of person who is skeptical about getting the right cooking product which would offer you with juicy and tender chicken breasts along with the appropriate amount of desired smoky flavor, then I would say that this is the right choice for you. With this cooking device, you will have the chance to cook evenly even if you are novice. This will be an ideal choice for outdoor smoking purposes and is bundled with a number of flexible features for a variety of cooking processes.

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions: 16 x 14 x 30 inches
  • Weight: 8 lbs
  • Temperature Gauge
  • 3 temperature settings
  • Magnetic door-latching system

Design and Structure

The current electric smoker model has a competent design which is coupled with the brilliant performances. When compared with many other electric smoker models like Brinkmann 810-7080-8 Gourmet Smoker and Grill, the smoker in review has been loaded with the temperature which would simply go with the smoker providing an accurate reading.

With the measurements of 16 X 14 X 30 inches, this Smoke Hollow smoker has been built with double steel walls along with the thorough insulation. The whole unit would consist of a rust-free water pan and one wood chip box in it.

This water pan has been coated with porcelain while the wood chip box has been built using high temperature painted steel. The door of the smoker is having a magnetic latching system in order to prevent the leakage. There is a couple of handles attached to the sides of the smoker.

Striking Features for Effective Performance

There are some striking features in this electric smoker which are responsible for the effective performance of this electric smoker as per the electric smoker reviews.

  • Two Side Handles:This electric smoker has two handles which are installed at the sides of the device. This feature will enable you to move the smoker from one place to another in spite of its weight of 8 pounds.
  • Temperature Gauge:As mentioned earlier, the temperature gauge in this electric smoker is much effective in reading the accurate temperature. This feature of the electric smoker boasts of the efficient temperature control mechanism.
  • Maintenance of Temperature:It is the double steel wall along with the insulation which is enabling the current smoker to maintain the heat irrespective of how high or low the outside temperature is.
  • Detachable Controller:As this model is typically designed for outdoor cooking purposes, the unit comes with the detachable controller along with the five-inch cord. This feature would make the transport as well as handling much easier.
  • Door’s Latching System:The door of this smoker model has been built with the magnetic latching system with which the door would latches out automatically just similar to the door of your fridge.
  • Rust-Free Parts:The current smoker unit has its water pan and the wood chip box made using steel. The water pan has been coated and the wood chip box has been painted which would be offering the unit with high durability.
  • 3 Temperature Settings:This smoker model has been built with three temperature settings. It may sound sufficient for you but actually these are perfect for smoking varying kinds of foods.
  • Replaceable Parts:In addition to all the above said features, there are some replaceable parts in this unit which would make your cleaning process much easier. This can be considered as the greater innovation which would give you the peace of mind while cleaning.

Easy to Operate with the Smoke Hollow Smoker

The ease of handling and operation with the current electric smoker would start right from the assembling stage itself. This process will be made easy for you with the clear instruction booklet which comes along with your cooking unit. The temperature maintenance is made effortless with the perfect temperature gauge.

There are two cooking grids in this cooking device which are promising to hold a convenient amount of heat. No matter whether you are novice or expert, the smoke from the wood chips which rises evenly would distribute the heat evenly, thereby making you a good cook.

With this smoker model, you would not find any food overcooked/undercooked in any circumstances. Since the current smoker comes with the rust-free parts, this can be utilized in any environmental or weather conditions with much ease. Finally, the replaceable parts will make it easier for you clean up the residues after your cooking is over.

Advantages with Smoke Hollow 30162E

  • This cooking device holds many advantages which are making this unit as the good electric smokerof current times.
  • The double steel wall along with the insulation would offer this cooking device the much needed high durability. You need not worry about the product’s durability as it would work longer and can be considered as a heavy duty smoker.
  • You will not require facing any leakage issues with this electric smoker due to the magnetic latching systemof the smoker’s door.
  • With the cooking grids and abundant vertical space, the heat could flow steadily inside the smoker which would result in even cooking.
  • Foods will be cooked at consistent levels and maintained the much needed flavor with this electric smoker.

Disadvantages with Smoke Hollow 30162E

Some of the disadvantages with this electric smoker are:

  • This cooking device is not so sturdily built much to the expectation of the users.
  • In some instances, the temperature control does not work appropriately.

Offer Available for the Smoker’s Price

You can have the chance of grabbing 9% discount from the original price when you opt to buy this smoker at Also, you can avail free shipping from this site which would reach along with 90 days limited warranty from the manufacturer.


As you see the quality of Smoke Hollow 30162E electric smoker, so far there are no complaints from the users. Most of the users have stated that the foods that have been smoked were one of the best they tasted. Thus, this is a great smoker model which comes at better price. You will have the chance to smoke your foods to perfection with this smoker unit.