How to smoke corned beef brisket in electric smoker

An electric smoker is one of the many options available to you when smoking a brisket; however, with an electric smoker, you have to know how to smoke corned beef brisket in electric smoker, in order to avoid overcooking, or causing the meat to dry out. Due to the nature of the meat and electric smokers, there is a science, and of course different techniques one should know, when attempting to smoke the brisket. These are a few tips as it pertains to smoking your corned beef brisket, when you plan on doing so on an electric smoker.

The cut

This begins before you ever turn on your smoker; a good cut of corned beef brisket is going to result in the tender, fall off the bone texture and flavor you want to enjoy. When choosing your meat, look for the most tender brisket you can possibly find.

The less connective tissue there is present, the better the finished result is going to be. When choosing the meat, look for a piece which bends easily, and this is typically going to be the most tender once you have finished preparing it on your electric smoker as well.

Preparation Smoking Corned Beef Brisket

In preparing the brisket, you want to allow for at least 2 to 4 hours prior to smoking it. For the flavor to truly blend in, you should allow it to sit for longer, even overnight if possible. Rub a dry rub liberally over the meat, and over the tender/fatty portion, in order to allow the flavors to come together.

Once this is done, allow the meat to sit overnight, or at least for a few hours, so that these flavors can penetrate, and will truly cook into the meat, rather than fall right off, when you are ready to place it on the smoker.


Smoking time

Fill the wood chip box with the desired wood (cherry, hickory, etc), and kick on the grill. It is a good idea to allow it to at least reach room temperature prior to filling the chip box with wood. Once the temperature starts rising, you want to allow the grill to preheat to a temperature of about 225 F.

You do not want to cook at higher temperatures, as this is not going to allow the internal temperature of the meat to reach the desired cook temperature. When smoking the brisket, you should allow the internal temperature of the meat to attain a temperature of 190 F.

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When smoking the meat, you can apply a wet rub (using a cloth) so that the outside of the meat will remain tender and the inside will not overcook. You are also going to want to leave a section of the smoker lid open, so that too much condensation does not build up as you are preparing the meat on the smoker.

It is a good idea to let the meat sit as long as possible; not only so that it cooks evenly throughout, but also to ensure the wood chip flavor, and the other rubs you are applying to it as it is cooking, are going to seep into the meat evenly as well.

Once the internal temperature has reached 190 F (at the thickest portion of the brisket), it is ready to be removed from the grill. If you want extra tenderness when the meat is finished, you can also wrap it in aluminum foil once it reaches an internal temperature of 165/170 F, and allow it to reach the 190 F with the foil wrapped around it (this isn’t required however. If you plan on adding other seasoning, or rubs, this is a good option to allow the flavors to seep into the meat).

Once cooked

You don’t want to take the meat right off the grill and cut into it. Just as you allowed it to sit prior to placing it on the grill, you need to allow it to cool down a bit as well prior to cutting into the brisket. Giving it room to cool allows it to evenly cook (if it was a few degrees below 190 F), it also allows the flavors and rubs to further penetrate into the meat.

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After about 1 to 2 hours, you can start to prepare the meat for consumption. Depending on how it will be consumed, will dictate how you are going to cut it and serve it.

Regardless of whether you are having a bbq with family and friends, or simply want to enjoy a great sandwich, corned beef brisket is a great cut to enjoy. This of course if it is prepared properly, and if you take the proper steps in preparing it, and cutting the brisket once it is finished cooking. These are a few simple tips any griller can incorporate, to ensure even, rich flavor throughout, and the most even texture possible when preparing a brisket on an electric grill.