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Are you looking for Masterbuilt Electric Smoker Recipes or any model Electric Smoker Recipes for Brisket? We are sharing our recipe to smoke brisket in an electric smokehouse.

Step 1: Picking a Good Brisket

Out of all our electric smoker recipes, the brisket recipe is the most popular. This first step in our electric smoker recipes for brisket is picking out a brisket. The key to picking a good brisket is making sure you can fold the brisket in half. If you can do this, odds are the brisket doesn’t have a thick layer of connecting tissues at running through the whole brisket. There are several online videos on YouTube on how to pick a good brisket if you want further guidance.

Also, if you do not have a lot of experience cooking brisket it is probably a good idea to cook a brisket that is about 10 pounds or less. Cook time is also something to consider when picking a brisket. As a rule of thumb, you should cook your brisket about 1 to 1 ½ hours per pound.

Step 2: Applying the Brisket Rub

Beginners: If you are a beginner at smoking brisket, then we have included some rubs / spices you can use that will producing a mouthwatering flavorful brisket. If you are an experienced BBQ cook than see my below advice about electric smoker recipes for brisket. The best advice I can give a beginner with regard to spices is to keep it simple at first and as you smoke your 2nd, 3rd and 4th brisket begin to experiment a bit. I have had really good brisket that was only spiced with Salt and Pepper, as the smoke is really the most important factor.

How many hours in advance should I marinate my brisket? The answer is simply the longer the better. For example, if you plan to start smoking your brisket in the morning, then you should marinate the brisket before going to bed. However, the reality is sometimes we forget to marinate the night before or we are busy and cannot. I have made many briskets that were marinated right before I put them in the smoker and they still came out very delicious. If you do marinate your brisket hours before, make sure to refrigerate the brisket and wrap it with aluminum foil or plastic wrap.

Brisket Rub Recipe:

  • Pepper
  • Lemon Pepper Seasoning
  • Cumin
  • Garlic Powder
  • Onion Powder
  • Chili Powder
  • Brown Sugar (if you want of sweet flavor profile)

Since the brisket is such a large piece of meat it is very difficult to over spice, so don’t worry about the exact measurements.

Special Masterbuilt Electric Smoker Recipes Tip: Before applying these spices, it is important to rub the entire brisket with either Mustard or Olive Oil. This will help with a) keeping the rub on the brisket during the smoking process and b) keeps the juices in the brisket. Don’t worry the yellow mustard has no tasted once cooked, and what you get is a wonderful smokey taste of the wood and the zest of the rub. While this is labeled as Masterbuilt Smoker Recipes, it is applicable to all smoker brands.

Applying the Rub: You can either mix (equal parts) of the above spices or do what I do is just sprinkle a layer of spice on the brisket. Once you have applied the brisket rub on one side flip your brisket and apply on the second side. Now that the brisket is marinated go ahead and use the aluminum foil of plastic wrap to cover it before placing in the refrigerator. Below is a picture of what your brisket should look like after the rub is applied. Notice the generous coat of brisket rub: Smoked Brisket Rub Spices

Experienced Brisket Cook: If you have experience smoking brisket on a charcoal or wood pit then the best advice I can give you is use the same rub you normally use. When I first started smoking meat with an electric smoker this was my main question. Can I use the same brisket rub, prep process, etc., – Long story short the answer is YES.

Step 3: Getting the Electric Smokehouse Ready

If this is your first time using your smoker, make sure to follow the curating process. Pre-heat your electric smokehouse to 225 degrees Fahrenheit. Once your smoker has hit 225 degrees you can place the wood chips in the wood chip box. Now there are several types of smokers and they all have different designs, so please see your manufacture’s instructions on how/where to add wood chips.

More importantly is what type of wood chips should you use?

Beginners: Personally, I grew up in an area were mesquite wood was plentiful. And we used mesquite wood a lot when BBQing, so I generally use mesquite wood chips in combination with another type of wood. My general rule of thumb is if you are using a strong Smokey wood like mesquite or Oak then balance with a Mild to Moderate wood smoke, like Apple or Pecan. Below is one of the better wood chip guides I have found online Weber.

Electric Smoker Wood Chips

For Brisket, you want to use Strong to Moderate wood types. We recommend using Mesquite and Pecan mix. Because Mesquite is so much stronger use twice as much Pecan wood chips as Mesquite chips. Apple also works well.

Experienced Brisket Cook: Like the advice regarding the brisket rub, the same is true for wood chips. Use the wood that you normally use on your wood smoker. If you use oak wood, then use oak chips. The above wood type guide should also provide some guidance, if you want to try something new. The difference between a wood/charcoal smoker and an electric smoker is you will use a whole lot less wood.

How often do I put wood chips in the electric smokehouse? Replenish wood chips every 1 hour and 30 minutes. For a more smokey end result replenish every hour. Now if you are using a Bradley Smoker you do not have to worry about this as you just have to set the level of smoke you want – set it and forget it. – Here is a LINK to our review of a couple Bradley smokers.

Step 4: Place Brisket in the Electric Smokehouse

Now that the smoker is up to 225 degrees and the wood chips are in, its time to put the brisket in the smoker. We recommend putting the fat side up, which will allow the brisket to remain tender as the fat melts during the smoke. The recommended cook time is 1 hour per pound.

Now this is my favorite part of using an electric smoker, GO DO WHAT EVER YOUR WANT! I have smoked a brisket during a soccer tournament or while going with my wife to run errands. If you know you are going to be gone for longer than 1 ½ hours put extra wood chips in.

Let’s assume we are cooking a 10 lb brisket, so after 10 hours of smoking you need to check the internal temperature. For Brisket this should run between 180 degrees to 190 degrees Fahrenheit. If you anywhere between those numbers your brisket is ready.

Masterbuilt Electric Smoker Recipes Tip: After removing the brisket from the smoker, let it set for at least 30 to 45 minutes. Resting the meat will allow the internal temp to drop and therefore maintain more of the juiciness in each cut of your meat. For beginners, this resting period step is very important – do not skip this! Note: Even though, this was labeled as Masterbuilt Smoker Recipes, the tip is applicable to all smoker models.

Below is a picture of the finished product, no photo touch ups necessary on this bad boy brisket. The picture of this brisket was taken while in the resting process. Now you have a good electric smoker recipe for smoking brisket. The next step is for you to get out there and try it! If you don’t have an electric smoker but are interested in purchasing one check out our Best Electric Smoker Reviews !


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