Masterbuilt Electric Smokehouse Smoker with Window Review

It seems Masterbuilt have thought of everything with this smoker, everything is under control – but how does it look after the smoke has cleared?

The Masterbuilt Electric Smokehouse Smoker with Window has a cabinet design with a window on the front for seeing how the food is doing during the smoking. Is this ideal for the party? Imagine the window of this Masterbuilt Electric Smoker tantalizing your guests with the juicy ribs or brisket and succulent party food smoking away. Inviting you to open the door and serve at the perfect time. Are you ready to be regarded as a ‘gourmet’?

How about on top of that, having a remote control too? You can be attending to the guests and entertaining confident that the food timing and temperature will be perfect. You could just relax watch the game while your Masterbuilt Electric Smoker cooks away, setting the finish time to overtime if you need to.

We take a look deeper to see if this Masterbuilt Electric Smoker lives up to all these expectations and why it has earned first place in our research for the ideal electric smoker.

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Remote control for monitoring the temperature and time

The first distinctive feature of this smoker is its remote control. Having a remote control to monitor the progress of the smoking food is an idea that makes the whole cooking process much more relaxing and stress free. You can be doing other things; you could be inside, catching up with your favorite TV show, or entertaining your guests whilst taking care of the food outside.

The remote control will tell you how much time is left and what the temperature of the food is from the inside thermometer ensuring that you do not need to open the smoker before it’s finished. The remote control is a RF (Radio Frequency) remote that you can control whether the smoker is on or off, what temperature you desire, whether the internal light is on or off and the timer for how long you want to cook for.

You can monitor two temperatures with the remote control, the smoker and the meat, giving you more control over how much you want to cook the food for.

Large window and Internal Light

The second notable feature on this smoker is the well sized window on the front. This is not a common feature but it gives you one of the best means of monitoring your food as it is being smoked. The window is large enough to see all four of the chrome coated smoking racks and enough light comes from inside to be able to see this both in the day and night.

There really is no other way of checking on your food than actually being able to see it and having the window there just saves you so much time and energy. When you combine this with the ability to remotely monitor the smoker then you can see that this model of smoker considered as many features as possible to make it easy for the user.

Masterbuilt Electric Smokehouse Smoker Features and Specifications

  • Smoker manufactured by Masterbuilt a well-known brand known for quality and innovative products
  • Electric smoker – so you don’t need to buy extra fuel
  • Large tempered glass viewing window to visually monitor the food being smoked
  • Temperature range up to 275°F (135°C)
  • Air damper on top of the unit to control the desired level of smoke and humidity of cooking
  • Temperature controlled by accurate thermostat
  • Four chrome-coated smoking racks visible through the viewing window, backlit by an internal cabinet light
  • 640 square inches of cooking space, 25 lbs. of capacity
  • Control panel on top of the unit with push button controls and digital display
  • Remote control with a digital display for monitoring temperature and timing of smoker
  • Easily accessible wood-chip loader on the side of the smoker for adding wood at any time during the cooking process
  • For capturing the grease a removable drip pan and grease pan at the rear of the smoker
  • Internal meat probe that will accurately tell you the temperature while cooking
  • Handle on the side and wheels built into base for easy movement
  • Weight of the smoker 49.9 pounds
  • The Masterbuilt Electric Smokehouse Smoker is 29 inches high, 15.75 wide by 17 inches deep

Customer Reviews

Looking at the reviews posted online in more detail, we learned there were obvious problems when the smoker was first launched with a few people finding it didn’t work properly. The problem was with the smoker box but as soon as Masterbuilt became aware of such problem, they addressed it by upgrading anyone’s smoker box that has problems. Later, sales of this smoker were no longer a problem.

Overall, the reviewers appreciate how the smoker is easy to use. It is perfect for beginners, as well as the experienced smoker gourmet who doesn’t want to be fussing over the cooking while the smoker automatically and effortlessly gets on with producing its mouthwatering foods.

Pros and Cons of the product

If it does have a feature that maybe is looked on negatively it is its window. Having the glass window is one of the biggest benefits of this smoker, when others will require you to take a peek inside and lose all the heat. The ability to see the food smoking inside this smoker means that you cannot get away from some of the smoke settling on the window. This will if not cleaned away, gather up and the visibility will drop. Regular cleaning will need to be done, however a few washes with warm soapy water solves the problem. If it does get a little caked on then wipe and leave for a few minutes, do this a few times and the smoky grime softens and comes away.

The positive features on this electric smoker though make it the best of all the products we examined. There is the already noted remote control giving you flexibility around the home and window that is a really strong reason to buy this product. This is definitely a product that once you have you will be showing off.

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The Masterbuilt 30-Inch Electric Smokehouse Smoker has two things that make it the best electric smoker that we could find on the market. There is a huge window allowing you to see the spacious four racks of food inside, well backlit with an internal light. This means you can see what is going on without opening the door and letting all the heat out. There is also a remote control that tells you the internal temperature of your food while you are doing other things, maybe while you are entertaining your guests or simply relaxing watching the TV.

Also the conversation starter ability of having the food on perfect display just before opening must not be forgotten, you should prepare to have a ‘gourmet’ title once you have one of these. Not forgetting that all this is programmable too, which means you can leave it to do its job while you do yours.

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