Masterbuilt 20078616 Electric Bullet Smoker Review

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Masterbuilt 20078616 Electric Bullet Smoker


  • Affordable
  • Compact, small size
  • Easy to use
  • Large smoking area
  • Includes easy-to-read external thermometer
  • Control amount of moisture and smoke


  • Hard to maintain the desired temperature
  • The unit’s meat exterior is not very thick
  • Difficult to load the wood chips

Some smoking enthusiasts love the idea of fussing with the smoke levels, adjusting the heat, and monitoring the entire process. Others want an easy prepared delicious meat that doesn’t require that sort of devotion. High-quality electric smokers takes a lot of the work out of the cooking process since they regulate and monitor the temperature during this procedure.

If you are a beginner in the meat smoking world, it may be hard to choose the right electric smoker for you. It can take you hours trying to find the perfect unit. Not to mention, that it might be confusing to understand all the components and features, and which ones you will need.

So before you decide to purchase an electric smokerread our reviews and make an informed decision. You can find helpful masterbuilt electric bullet smoker reviews, and make sure that you buy the right unit for your home.

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Masterbuilt Bullet Smoker Highlights

The great thing about this appliance is that it has all the components and features that all the expensive ones have. On the other hand, the practicality and price of this device can’t be beaten. We recommend it to everyone who needs a basic and compact appliance to begin out with. It has 395 square feet of smoking area and 2 porcelain-coated racks and incredibly affordable price.

The 1650-watt heating element can reach temperatures up to 400 degrees F and can provide even and consistent smoking. The temperature gauge is located in the lid, for easy monitoring.

This unit also includes a water bowl, drip pan, and a removable chip tray that is coated with porcelain. The container will collect the drippings and grease from the cooking process. The dimensions of the unit are 31, 49 x 25, 39 x 19, 13 inches and weighs 17, 5 lbs.

The great additions to this product are the side handless that will help you to move the smoker around your backyard. It also includes a hook that is located on the appliance’s side that will serve you as a hanger for the lid, when you are removing or adding the food.


Smoking Area

As we already mentioned, this unit has a 395 sq. Ft. of the smoking area which makes it ideal for cooking brisket, turkey or large chicken. The great thing is that you can prepare 50 lbs. of food at once. There are 2 porcelain-coated racks in the internal chamber that are very durable. These will help you to keep your meal set in the place while smoking it.

Temperature Control

The temperature gauge is located in the lid, for easy monitoring. You can adjust the heat inside the smoker, and leave it to do the job for you. No need to think about it, because it will not overburn the meat. It doesn’t require much hassle and fuss. Just plug in the smoker, set the desired temperature, add wood chips, water and you are good to go. It would be wise to check it every half an hour. Another great feature about this smoker is that it includes adjustable air damper that will help you to control the amount of smoke and to check the moisture.

Easy transport

It is straightforward to transport this unit conveniently from the kitchen to your backyard in just a few minutes. Because it includes two side handles and it is small in size, it is very simple to move it.

You don’t have to invite your friends over to help you transport this product. With almost no effort, you can do it by yourself.


You won’t have problems when it comes to cleaning up this appliance because it doesn’t require much care. Remove the lid, hang it on the hook and wipe off racks with a cloth or a wet towel. After each use, clean the water bowl, chip tray, and drip pan. And if you keep this appliance outside, make sure to cover it with a tarp or a grill cover to prevent tear and wear from weather conditions. These tips will help you maintain your smoker correctly so it can last longer.

Some users complained that it is hard to load the wood chips because it falls out to the base of the unit. That happens because the provided scoop is a bit too big to reach inside. Try to use a pair of tongs to load the chips, and you will fix this issue.


This unit has a lot of useful benefits as well.

  • This masterbuilt electric smoker is compact and small which makes it simple to transport and store.
  • You can use it outdoors despite the weather conditions. Just make sure to cover it, when you are not using it.
  • The smoker is big enough to accommodate a variety of meals because it has a 395 square inches of smoking area. And it includes porcelain-covered racks to help you keep the meal right where you want it while smoking it.
  • Cleaning this unit is straightforward. Just remove the water bowl, chip tray, and drip pan. Don’t forget to wash the removable racks too.
  • Thanks to the temperature gauge it provides an even and consistently cooking. It can reach temperatures up to 400 degrees F.
  • The best thing is that it is very affordable, excellent for any budget!

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The Conclusion

The Masterbuilt 20078616 Bullet smoker is a very well put – together unit with great features and components. It is a perfect option for anyone who is just beginning with smoking meat and different kinds of food. With the large cooking space, you will have your family and friends gathering together for fantastic meals and amazing times!