Luxor Gas Grills Reviews

Luxor Grills is a subsidiary of American Heating Technologies Inc. based in Los Angeles, CA, USA. American Heating Technologies has been in business since 1997 and manufactures premium Luxor Outdoor Kitchen Products. The company takes pride in manufacturing high-quality appliances for outdoor residential, restaurants, hotels, and bar use. Luxor Gas Grills use only the best quality components such as 304 stainless steel material for durability and more. In addition, their entire product line goes through extensive testing to ensure the highest quality. Keep reading for the complete details about Luxor Gas Grills Reviews.

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About Luxor Gas Grills

Luxor Gas Grills 30 Inch Built-in Natural Gas Grill With 1 Infrared Burner Aht-30cv-bi-ng 1

Luxor grills and outdoor kitchen products are true luxurious outdoor living products for today’s backyard chef. All Luxor Gas grills are available in free-standing or Built-in models and used in B.B.Q. islands or simply as a portable unit. In addition, all models are available with or without rotisserie package which includes a built-in backburner unit for ease of rotisserie. These grills will convert your backyard into an incredible and luxurious entertainment place.

The company offers Luxor Series and the New Luxor LED Series Gas Grills. They are built in 4 sizes, the Luxor 30-inch, Luxor 36-inch, Luxor 42-inch, and Luxor 54-inch. From a safety point of view, all these appliances are AGA (American Gas Association) and CSA (Canadian Standards Association) approved and certified.

  • Luxor LED Series Gas Grills offers powerful grilling, heavy-duty stainless steel material and everything you need for outdoor cooking.
  • Luxor Gas Grills features seamless construction and powerful stainless steel burners to transform your backyard into a luxurious outdoor paradise.

General Features Of Luxor Gas Grills

  • It comes with 304 stainless steel construction for durability and perfectly matches your other appliances
  • The Heavy-duty conventional U-shaped stainless steel burners produce high heat. Or choose hybrid configuration which adds a ceramic infrared burner.
  • The spring-assist hood design makes it easy to raise, lift and lower large hood
  • Their welded construction with polished edges offers exceptional structural integrity.
  • The stainless steel trays supportedby pyramid-shaped ceramic briquettes placed above the burners which help distribute heat evenly while absorbing food drippings.
  • The briquettes also vaporize drippings, by converting them into flavor enhancing smoke.
  • The main grilling area is made from 3/8-inch diameter stainless steel and the stainless steel warming rack in combination covers large cooking space.
  • The 15,000 BTU rear infrared rotisserie burners allow for slow roasting your favorite meats, poultry, fruits and more (rotisserie kit included).
  • An exterior adjustable halogen lamp mounted on the rotisserie motor provides lighting exactly where you need it.
  • A fully welded smoker box with dedicated burner allows you to infuse your food with delicious wood-fired flavor.
  • Evening/ nighttime cooking is simple with Luxor LED Series that have built-in Blue LED knob indicators and two internal halogen lights which illuminate the grilling surface.
  • The easy to read temperature gauge allows you to operate your grill with ease, like a professional cook.
  • Luxor LED SeriesIncludes Cabinet doors and double drawers for easy storage access
  • All Luxor Gas Grills Models are available in L.P. (Liquid Propane) or N.G. (Natural Gas) ignition

Luxor Gas Grills Models

The various Build-in and Freestanding Series Luxor Gas Grills products are

  • Luxor 30” Built-In Grill (AHT-30R-L-BI) and Luxor 30” Freestanding Grill/ Rotisserie (AHT-30FR-L) –This 30-inch grill is equipped with two stainless steel U-shaped burners that push a total of 55,000 BTUs of cooking power. The main grilling area covers 490 square inches while the warming rack covers 240 square inches to provide a total of 730 square inches of cooking surface. Cutout Dimensions – 28 3/4 Inches Width x 23 Inches Depth x 10 1/4 Inches Height
  • Luxor 36” Built-In Grill /Rotisserie (AHT-36R-L-BI) and Luxor 36” Free Standing Grill / Rotisserie (AHT-36FR-L) –This 36-inch grill contains three stainless steel U-shaped burners to offer a total of 82,500 BTUs of cooking power. Its main grilling area provides 630 square inches while the warming rack covers 240 square inches for 925 square inches of total cooking area. Cutout Dimensions – 34 3/4 Inches Width x 23 Inches Depth x 10 1/4 Inches Height
  • Luxor 42” Built-In Grill / Rotisserie (AHT-42R-L-BI) and Luxor 42” Freestanding Grill / Rotisserie (AHT-42FR-L) –This 42-inch grill has three stainless steel U-shaped burners for a total of 82,500 BTUs of cooking power. Their main grilling area covers 701 square inches and the warming rack covers 349 square inches for offering a total of 1,050 square inches of cooking area. Cutout Dimensions – 40 3/4 Inches Width x 23 Inches Depth x 10 1/4 Inches Height
  • Luxor 54” Built-In Grill / Rotisserie (AHT-54R-L-BI) and Luxor 54” Freestanding Grill / Rotisserie (AHT-54FR-L) –This 54-inch gas grill comes with four stainless steel U-shaped burners for a total of 110,000 BTUs of cooking power. Its main grilling area covers 910 square inches and the warming rack covers 460 square inches for a total of 1,370 square inches of cooking area. It includes dual 15,000 BTU rear Infrared rotisserie burners. Cutout Dimensions – 52 3/4 Inches Width x 23 Inches Depth x 10 1/4 Inches Height

Luxor Gas Grills Accessories

Durable vinyl cover for protection, stainless steel cleaner, double side burner, single side burner illuminated accessories, warming drawer and several other outdoor kitchen accessories are available for all models.

Luxor Gas Grills Warranty

All these grills come with Limited Lifetime Warranty for the stainless steel body housing, ceramic infrared burners, and the stainless steel burners to be free from defects in material and workmanship for normal domestic use only. This warranty excludes discoloration, surface corrosion, and scratches which may occur during regular use.

The structural integrity of the interior grill parts, exterior, and drip pans comes with Limited Five-Year Warranty from the date of purchase. All other grill components backed by Limited One-Year Warranty are free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of one year from the original date of purchase.

Luxor Gas Grills Where To Buy?

You can buy Luxor Gas Grills Online or make an in-store purchase. If you wish to purchase these Grills online then there are some retail affiliates like and more which carry this brand. Alternatively, for Luxor Gas Grills in-store purchase, visit their official website and click on the ‘Where To Buy’ tab which displays the Luxor grill dealers list in Canada, USA, and Europe. You should choose your location from one of the countries and search the map with your zip code to locate a dealer near you.

Luxor Gas Grills Reviews

These are durable 304-grade stainless steel constructed gas grill with polished edges. It comes with customizable burner setup and a great line of outdoor Luxor Grills accessories. These quality grills have great features like a spring-assist hood lid for ease and double lined hood for additional durability and protection against discoloring.

These grills unique feature is the convection style burner systems, composed of stainless steel u-shaped burners produce one of the highest BTU ratings in the industry. The heavy-duty stainless steel plates support ceramic rocks, to disperse heat evenly. These also help to absorb and to burn the drippings of food, resulting in the enhanced flavor. There is an option to install ceramic infrared burners for higher heat output and professional cooking results. While both burners are capable of reaching high temperatures, infrared will heat up the area speedily than conventional burners.

Infrared burners are more popular because of their quick and efficient cooking performance. Plus, these ceramic infrared burners are adjustable and can be set at a low temperature for slow grilling and foods such as vegetables which requires less heat. Also, these burners ease cleanup and eliminate flare-ups. The back burner, when used in conjunction with the smoker box, allows for a smokier flavored food.

Also, Luxor offers a lifetime warranty on stainless steel housings and burners, both convection and ceramic infrared which is not common in the industry. Most companies don’t offer a lifetime warranty on infrared burners. Also, the Illuminated Series outdoor kitchen storage features LED color changing panels which can make your outdoor kitchen the coolest.


If you are looking for a durable, well constructed, affordable grill with great features like infrared burners, best in industry BTU output, smoker tray and large cooking surface then consider Luxor Gas Grills only. In addition, these grills come with a great lifetime warranty and a full line of outdoor kitchen accessories to help complete your BBQ island.