How to Use a Gas Smoker: 5 Important Things to Know

Offset smokers might be the gold standard in smoking, but the convenience of a gas smoker is difficult to argue with! Fortunately, you don’t have to sacrifice flavor on the altar of ease; if you learn how to use your brand new gas smoker correctly, you’ll be able to cook delicious, flavorful meat without staying up all night.

Here are our tips on how to use a gas smoker:

Learn How a Gas Smoker Works

If you want to learn how to use a gas smoker correctly, first learn how they work. Often, charcoal smokers are vertical. This is usually for space’s sake and convenience. You’ll have a burner at the bottom that runs on propane, a pan above that for the wood chips, sawdust, or wood chunks that will give your meat its flavor, and a water pan that will create the moist environment.

You Don’t Have to Stick to Water

Water is an easy and inexpensive option for your smoker, but did you know you can also use other ingredients? Try beer for a mellow flavor or even apple cider for a sweeter seasonal option!

Propane Smokers Are Better for Small Spaces

If space is limited or you are looking for something portable, a gas smoker is usually a better option. Most are upright and don’t require the same size fuel compartment that fires do to run charcoal or wood pellet smokers.

Cheaper Smokers Can Be Hacked

One of the things you’ll learn quickly when you’re researching how to use a gas smoker is that the cheaper the smoker, the more likely it is to be made from thin, ill-fitting material that doesn’t contain the smoke or the heat well.

You can do things like sealing the gaps and use welding blankets to help with these problems, though of course, you might find yourself wishing you had simply sprung for the better smoker, to begin with.

Always Keep a Backup Tank on Hand

Our final tip is one that might make or break your BBQ experience–keep a backup propane tank on hand, always. You never know when your initial one might break or run out faster than you thought.