Flame boss 300 and 200 reviews – vs CyberQ Cloud – vs DigiQ BBQ

Most of you have horrible experience of smoking when the temperature is not consistent during the smoking process. Plenty of aspects can modify the temperature such as external air temperature, diminishing charcoal, quality of smoker, and much more. Do you wish to have stable control of the temperature of the indoor oven outdoors in the smoker? If so, then you can.  Yes, automatic temperature controllers will help you to do so and they are available for both smokers and BBQs, which manage temperature of both food and put throughout the cooking process. Here, you will get a product review and comparison of top 4 models from 2 manufacturers.

Review of Flame Boss 300

Flame Boss 300-WiFi Kamado Grill & Smoker Temperature Controller

The flame boss 300 is the new flagship from the flame boss, which gives tough competition to the BBQ’s flagships. At the first glance, its wide stand offers it a solid appeal. With this, you can do your job when you are elsewhere as it is not going anywhere.

Since it is held by the stable stand, it lets automatic temperature controller to be tiled up/down for the first reading. Additionally, the stand has holes to attach it to the surface permanent if you need. It comes along with a green LED screen to display the important information, which you have to know.

Using its push buttons, you can easily move through the menu and then adjust settings. You will really like how the plugs designed to swing back & down and therefore, it minimizes the risk of damaging the plugs. On the whole, it is a solid and competent looking machine.

Features and functionality of Flame Boss 300

Flame Boss 300-WiFi Kamado Grill & Smoker Temperature Controller

Based on the flame boss 300 reviews, following mentioned are highly important and beneficial features of the Flame Boss 300. You can able to access all these features through the web browser or even via mobile apps.

  • Has multiple high-temperature probes, which are rated up to 575 degrees Fahrenheit and they are very easy & quick to adjust
  • Even use additional y-cables and meat probes to cook many meat cuts at once
  • flame boss 300 universal smoker controller has LCD display, which shows food temperature, chosen temperature, pit temperature, and fan speed
  • Has the ability to view graphs of the cooks on the online dashboard
  • Monitor/change food and pit temperature from your phone or computer
  • New meat/pit alarm feature helps you know how to set the meat temp on a flame boss 300
  • Has an automatic learning PID controller
  • Comes with the blower, which is capable of the variable speeds
  • Has open lid feature to detect a sudden drop in temperature and turn off the fan to avoid fire over-stoking
  • Come with many safety and alarms features
  • Also, have power glitch save feature and an option to connect to Amazon Alexa
  • Most importantly, the option of the flame boss 300 wifi is easily accessible


  • Speedy set up
  • Availability of complete flame boss 300 manual
  • Simple and amazing design
  • Amazing variable fan speed
  • Intense temperature consistency
  • Sensible stand and power cord arrangement


  • The device probes are less powerful
  • Need to purchase extra probes to monitor multiple meat cuts
  • Quite expensive

Check the review of flame boss 200:

Flame Boss 200 WiFi Kamado Grill & Smoker Temperature Controller

The BBQ temperature controller gains immense popularity among the people in these days for the cooking process. The flame boss is the high tech products that beneficial for the cooking process. The users buy the suitable flame boss for the cooking convenience. It is ideally designed for the smoke control purpose. It is easy to use products that best for the smoker or grill. It is the perfect choice for the homeowners to manage the smoker and grill. It is designed with the high-quality materials. Before going to buy it, you can check the review and rating of the BBQ products.

In order to utilize it, you make the proper connection. You can follow the installation guide to install the temperature controller. It is designed with the interfaces like wifi, mobile, and tablet. It is designed with the high end features. It has the wifi enabled option that one can watch and monitor cook from the required devices. It avoids over stoking fire. It is equipped with the meat temperature alarm that sends the notification once the cooking is finished. The users consider the difference between flame boss 200 and 300. Both of them have different features. It offers convenient features to the users. This one keeps up the automatic mode.

Feature of flame boss 200:

Flame Boss 200 WiFi Kamado Grill & Smoker Temperature Controller

The users can enjoy the variety of benefits with the temperature controller. The people opt to buy this buy for various reasons. You can get it to control the temperature. It is a simple device that offered by the well-known company.

  • It is simple to use and plug to the grill or smoker.
  • It makes use of the best probes to prevent the device from the bad temperature and moisture. There are two temperature probes present in the flame 200.
  • It provides the ideal reading within the smoker and temperature of the meat. You can ensure the versatile stand to alter the optimal viewing angle.
  • The device is running continuously at the save set temperature even when the power comes back with the support of the power glitch safe.
  • You can manage the food warm after cooking and the device automatically minimizes the pit temperature for this concern.
  • The timer alarms help you to perform next step in the food items. You can check the price of the product


  • It gives the accurate temperature result to the user and sends the information very quickly.
  • It keeps up the LCD display and you set up the necessary setting for the grill and smoker.
  • It manages the different speed blower that performs at the best speed.
  • The users connect it through the phone or tablet for their convenience.
  • It contains automatic learning PID controller that automatically gains the smoker and handle the temperature control in a smooth way.
  • The users enjoy the features of pit temperature, meat temperature, current blower speed and others.


  • Sometimes, it cannot work well with the targeted temperature due to the power problem.
  • The users observe the slow response of the device because of lowering the targeted temperature.
  • The price of the product is too high.

Review of BBQ Guru CyberQ Cloud

CyberQ Cloud BBQ Temperature Controller, 1 Digital Meat Thermometers and 1 Pit Probe, Big Green Egg or Ceramic Adapter and Pit Viper Fan

BBQ Guru is one of the top brand automatic temperature controller manufacturers in the ground. They have huge varieties of products right from the lower-end model such as PartyQ to most popular model, DigiQ. Obviously, CyberQ is the high-end model of the BBQ. The latest mode in the series of CyberQ is the CyberQ Cloud.

At the first impression, the device is mixed and it does not appear like a serious temperature controller. Its color and size make it difficult to monitor the settings quickly. When you take a closer look, only two settings will be visible for the first time. It is designed as the cloud-based tool.

With its Wi-Fi capability, you will remotely monitor the food and pit through any internet connection enabled devices such as a tablet, phone, or computer.  If you purchase this device, you will get a controller, carrying case, two probes, one pit & food, pit viper fan, and Weber Smokey mountain cooker adapter.

Features of the BBQ Guru CyberQ Cloud

CyberQ Cloud BBQ Temperature Controller, 1 Digital Meat Thermometers and 1 Pit Probe, Big Green Egg or Ceramic Adapter and Pit Viper Fan

  • It manages temperatures from 32 to 457 degree Fahrenheit for multiple cooking styles
  • Comes with stainless steel probes that are tipped with smoke-resistant and moisture thermocouples
  • It is Wi-Fi capable so that you can set up with the IP address and monitor from home via the web-based device
  • It is also designed for access to the BBQ Guru Community website that not only lets cook and picture sharing but also let you monitor and graph three goods in a single cooking session and makes Additionally, you can store cooking sessions
  • For tech-savvy, it has Amazon Alexa integration to provide management via voice control if it is connected to Amazon Alexa
  • It comes along with open lid detector feature and ramps down feature to prevent overcooking
  • If the temperature differs from the default, the device sounds the alarm
  • When the device receives command through Wi-Fi, backlight blinks
  • Comes with the new and more powerful processor, and increased memory in order to delivery several features
  • It regulates your smoker temperature automatically and constantly
  • It has two probes (one to measure heat inside the food while other to measure the temperature inside the smoker)


  • An array of features available
  • Excellent performance
  • Makes cooking on the charcoal quite easier than pellet smoker
  • Adjust relaying temperature through voice command
  • Amazing and speedy setup


  • Expensive
  • No alert to power failure
  • Some user reports of unreliable probes
  • Fan output is not graphed or recorded
  • To avoid sticking, damper required to be cleaned right after use

Comparison of Flame boss 300 & 200 and CyberQ Cloud

When you compare new flame boss model 300 and flame boss 200 with BBQ CyberQ cloud, you will notice only a few differences because both models almost have similar functions and features. They both can able to handle up to 4 probes and have Wi-Fi integration. They both have the capability to keep the temperature very steady. Below-mentioned is some of the few differences between the flame boss 300 & 200 and CyberQ cloud.

While speaking about compatibility, CyberQ cloud wins because it has a wide backlog of adapters for each smoker on the market.  This device works well with a smaller brand smoker but flame boss 300 for weber smokey mountain works well on various other models. Thus, it is not a clean win.

Do you wish to share everything with your friends? It is quite easier on the BBQ CyberQ as it has new social integration with sharemycook.com. It is not highly possible with the Flame Boss models. Now, you can get your automatic temperature controllers that are connected to Wi-Fi much easier than ever.

You will find the entire cooking process for the Flame Boss to be simpler and quicker but BBQ CyberQ Clouds process is not hard by any means. It is almost easy but you need to do a bit more when compared to Flame Boss models. It is because there are lots of features available if you are online.

Both models temperature controllers able to maintain temperature very precise but it is slightly more consistent with the Flame Boss. Even though the difference is barely noticeable, BBQ CyberQ Cloud still works well. If you do some extra research, you will probably find that Flame Boss is cheaper because the CyberQ is the brand new.

Review of DigiQ BBQ:

DigiQ BBQ Temperature Control, Digital Meat Thermometer, Big Green Egg Cooker or Ceramic

It is the mid range temperature controller from the BBQ. It is the highly selling temperature controller in these days. This is so popular for the fine features and build quality attract the buyers. This is worth for the investment that acts as a good alternative. It is best for the small and medium range cookers. The users make a close look at the features of the temperature controller. At the buying time, the buyers take some necessary things like digiQ DX2 controller, 100 – 240v AC supply, temperature probe, grill adaptor, recipe book and others. You can know the features to buy the temperature controller.

It has the ideal temperature swings that manage the common problems in a simple manner. It comes up with the high precision digital food thermometer that watches food temperature. It alerts you to make the food. With the cooking temperature and food ready alert, you get the food items tender and delicious.

Features of DigiQ BBQ:

DigiQ BBQ Temperature Control, Digital Meat Thermometer, Big Green Egg Cooker or Ceramic

When it comes to buying the temperature controller, you can check the features of the products. The manufacturer designs this one with the complete range of the features.  This is available in different forms in the market today. It holds enough number of features that beneficial for the buyers.

  • The control box is featured with the high intensity screen.
  • The display uses the Led technology that best for bright sunlight.
  • It manages the two probes. One probe fits at the end which used for calculating the temperature.
  • Another one is food probe that put at the piece of the meat.
  • It is designed with the built in alarms. It is simple to cover the smoking temperature.
  • You can enjoy the adjustable features of the sound intensity in the alarm.
  • The users are capable to change the Celsius and Fahrenheit in the temperature controller.
  • It maintains the complete adaptive control algorithm. This one immediately recovers the grill to the cooking temperature.
  • It is fixed with the open lid detection system.

You can ensure the above features of the product and then go to buy the suitable for your needs. You can refer someone for buying this one. On the other hand, you can access the buying guide to get the suitable temperature controller for the cooking purpose. You can buy it from the right store. It is important to buy the branded one that contains the necessary features. The BBQ products provide the ideal advantage to the buyers. The buyers take pleasure from the features of the BBQ product.


  • It works well for the user needs and provides the details information to them.
  • It has the best build quality and design that attract the people.
  • It is easy to use and setup and accesses through the mobile and other devices.


  • There is a problem with wifi interface
  • It is quite difficult to stay at anytime

Flame boss 300 and 200 vs DigiQ BBQ:

It is the right concern for the users to compare the flame boss 300, 200 and DigiQ BBQ.  The flame boss 300 and 200 has same features. The users concern the flame boss 300 vs 200 for the purpose of buying the suitable one that fit for their budget. The flame boss 300 has the multiple temperatures probe that uses for the different cooking condition. It is the excellent feature of the flame boss 300. On the other hand, flame boss 200 has two temperature probes.  The flame boss produces different products with the different features. The flame boss 300 and 200 has the wifi capable option and allow the users to maintain the distance with any type of network.

The digiQ BBQ maintains two probes too. Each of them requires different features that beneficial for the buyers. It is not only watching the pit temperature and also manages the meat temperature. The users make a close look at the flame boss 300 vs bbq guru. It perfectly carries the line of smoker and grills in a simple way.

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