Fire Magic Gas Grills Reviews

Fire Magic Legacy Deluxe Gourmet Built-In Propane Gas Countertop Grill

Fire Magic Propane Gas Grills and Natural Gas Grills have a simple yet stunning design, powerful construction, durable, high-end quality, and large cooking space.

Deluxe 3CS1S1NA Gourmet Countertop NG Grill

Deluxe 3CS1S1NA Gourmet Countertop NG Grill

Over 80 years, Fire Magic is producing finest, superior quality and high performing outdoor grills that you’ll enjoy for a lifetime. Made from the highest quality materials, premium Fire Magic Gas Grills includes the most advanced features and comes with the industry’s best warranty. Fire Magic Grills is a brand of well-known the RH Peterson Company. For generations, this popular company is enhancing the beauty and comfort of homes around the world by providing the finest BBQ Grills, fireplaces, and other outdoor kitchen products under different brands such as Fire Magic Grills, American Outdoor Grills, Real Fyre gas logs and American Fyre Designs. This article includes all the details about Fire Magic Gas Grills Reviews.

About Fire Magic Outdoor Gas Grill

Fire Magic currently offers a wide range of gas grills options – Echelon, Aurora, Choice, and Legacy Series Gas Grills. Design and durability of these grills are ultimate. Their solid construction enhances their performance and life. Their unique features include commercial quality heavy duty E Cast stainless burners, full stainless steel interior structural components, and heavy-duty knobs with stainless steel bezels, push button solid state electronic ignitions, and strong double wall stainless steel hoods. In addition, all Fire Magic Gas Grill Models are available with Propane Gas or Natural Gas ignition (for ordering propane, change N to P in the model number). Also, these grills are available in various sizes – 48″, 36″, 30″, 24″ and 23″. In short, Fire Magic has the perfect grill to fit in every consumer’s choice.

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Fire Magic Gas Grills General Features

The General features of the Echelon Series and Aurora Series Gas Grills are

  • Diamond Sear Cooking Grids –All 304 stainless steel trapezoid cooking grids offers an optimal cooking surface for even heat distribution and great searing.
  • Hot Surface Ignition –This electronic ignition provides reliable lighting for every meal. It needs 120 Volt AC power supply.
  • Cast Stainless Steel Burners –The 1/4” thick cast stainless steel “E” burners provide consistent, even heat and a lifetime of durability.
  • Halogen Interior Lights –The perfectly angled interior halogen lights make evening/ night time grilling a breeze.

Fire Magic Gas Grills Products

Fire Magic Echelon Gas Grills Series

Fire Magic Echelon Diamond Gas Grills are their top of the line products combined with the ultimate performance, beauty, and innovation. It has sleek lines, a unique contoured look and state-of-the-art features such as hot surface ignition, blue backlit knobs, a charcoal smoker basket (included) and an optional Magic View window. Fire Magic Echelon Black Diamond Series is also available with all the same great cooking features of the Echelon Diamond but in a sleek black look.

Key Features

  • Flavor Grids – Equipped with the 16-gauge stainless steel, flavor grids offers durability, uniform heat distribution, and reduced flare-ups.
  • Heat Zone Separators – These elements between each burner, flavor grid, and cooking grid allows cooking different foods at different temperatures all at the same time.
  • Included Charcoal/Smoker Basket – All Echelon Diamond grills comes with Charcoal/Smoker Basket for ultimate charcoal grilling and smoking.
  • Rounded Oven Hood – The double wall, seamless oven hood with feather-light easy lift, rounded for best convection cooking.
  • Contoured Face with Back-lit Knobs – The smooth, seamless highlighted lines feature fully illuminated, comfort touch safety control knobs (when in use, the flame turns red).
  • Fire Magic Gas Grill Burner Quantum Backburner – Made of stainless steel foam, this recessed Quantum backburner uses less BTU’s to generate efficient high heat for rotisserie cooking. Polished stainless steel Fire Magic Gas Grill Cover included for protection.
  • Digital Thermometer – The Illuminated chromed digital thermometer with meat probe, timer and alarm settings allows precise grilling.
  • Optional Magic View Window – This feature is available on all Echelon Diamond Grills.


Fire Magic Echelon Diamond Built-In Gas Grills
  • Echelon E1060i Built-In Grill (E1060i-4E1N-W)
  • Echelon E790i Built-In Grill (E790i-4E1N)
  • Echelon E660i Built-In Grill (E660i-4E1N)
  • Echelon E1060i “A” Series Built-In Grill (E1060i-4EAN)
  • Echelon E790i “A” Series Built-In Grill (E790i-4EAN)
  • Echelon E660i “A” Series Built-In Grill (E660i-4EAN)
Fire Magic Echelon Diamond Portable Gas Grills
  • Echelon E1060s Portable Grill (E1060s-4E1N-51-W)
  • Echelon E790s Portable Grill (E790s-4E1N-71)
  • Echelon E660s Portable Grill (E660s-4E1N-62)
  • Echelon E1060s “A” Series Portable Grill (E1060s-4EAN-62)
  • Echelon E790s “A” Series Portable Grill (E790s-4EAN-71)
  • Echelon E660s “A” Series Portable Grill (E660s-4EAN-62)

Fire Magic Aurora Gas Grills Series

Aurora series Gas Grills have superior design and engineering power for matchless performance. It has many of the same features as the Fire Magic Echelon Series, but the Aurora Series grill delivers cooking versatility, durability, and longevity in a beautifully crafted machine.

Key Features

  • Analog Thermometer –The Analog thermometer with polished stainless steel bezel in the hood can measure up to 1000° F.
  • Comfort Touch Knobs –The perfectly placed Knobs at a 40° are easy to see and operate. It has comfort-touch grips for safety and convenience.
  • Gourmet Face –Seamless control panel has a satin finish and the optional digital thermometer available for upgrade.
  • Stainless Steel Backburner –The optional stainless steel backburner and a complete rotisserie kit with a polished stainless steel cover for protection are available.
  • Optional Magic View Window –This is available on Aurora A790 and A660 models. A Grill Top Thermometer (#3573) is included without any additional charge.


Fire Magic Aurora Built-In Gas Grills
  • Aurora A790i Built-In Grill (A790i-6EAN-W)
  • Aurora A660i Built-In Grill (A660i-6EAN)
  • Aurora A540i Built-In Grill (A540i-6EAN)
  • Aurora A530i Built-In Grill (A530i-6EAN)
  • Aurora A430i Built-In Grill (A430i-6EAN)
  • Aurora A830i Gas/Charcoal Combo Built-In Grill (A830i-6EAN-CB)
Fire Magic Aurora Portable Gas Grills
  • Aurora A660s Portable Grill with Single Side Burner (A660s-6EAN-62)
  • Aurora A540s Portable Grill with Single Side Burner (A540s-6EAN-62)
  • Aurora A430s Portable Grill with Single Side Burner (A430s-6EAN-62)
  • Aurora A430s Patio Post Mount Grill (A430s-6EAN-P6)
  • Aurora A430s In-Ground Post Mount Grill (A430s-6EAN-G6)
  • Aurora A830s Gas/Charcoal Combo Portable Grill (A830s-6EAN-CB)

Fire Magic Choice Gas Grills Series

Fire Magic Choice Grills are their most affordable line of grills. They feature superior built, design and materials such as heavy gauge tubular stainless steel burners like in an Aurora series grill with a simple satin stainless steel façade. The various Choice Series Built-In and Portable Gas Grills Models are

  • Choice C540i Built-In Grill (C540i-1T1N)
  • Choice C430i Built-In Grill (C430i-1T1N)
  • Choice C540s Portable Grill (C540s-1T1N-96)
  • Choice C430s Portable Grill (C430s-1T1N-96)
  • Choice C430s Patio Post Mount Grill (C430s-1T1N-P6)
  • Choice C430s In-Ground Post Mount Grill (C430s-1T1N-G6)

Fire Magic Legacy Gas Grills Series

The Legacy Series grills feature their traditional basic gas grill constructed from Fire Magic’s signature durable stainless steel material. A countertop series design is available that allows to simply drop the grill into your outdoor kitchen island. The optional infrared burner is also available. The various countertop, patio post and in-ground post models of Legacy Series are

  • Regal I Drop-In Grill (34-S2S1N-A)
  • Deluxe Gourmet Drop-In Grill (3C-S1S1N-A)
  • Deluxe Classic Drop-In Grill (31-S1S1N-A)
  • Deluxe Built-In Grill (11-S1S1N-A)

Fire Magic Gas Grills Prices

The wide collection of these gas grills is available in varied sizes, ultimate features and so their prices range from $13500 to $2000.

Fire Magic Gas Grill Accessories

Fire Magic with its long-lasting durability and superior performance, makes it the last grill to buy. Their extensive line of premium accessories from refrigerators to side burners, cookbooks to grill tools and more Fire Magic makes it easy to create an extraordinary outdoor kitchen. Discover detailed accessories at

Fire Magic Gas Grill Replacement Parts

Replacement Parts such as Burners, Cooking Grids, Flavor Grids, Ignition and more for all Fire Magic Gas Grill Models are easily available.

Fire Magic Gas Grills Where To Buy?

You can buy Fire Magic Gas Grills from their, a premium supplier of Fire Magic grills and accessories. Also, some known online retailers like and more carry this brand. offer free shipping, Fire Magic Gas Grills Best Price, best discount and more.

Fire Magic Gas Grills Customer Reviews

You will find highly impressive Fire Magic Gas Grills Reviews from its users. People are highly satisfied with their purchase. They say these grills are well-built, quality products that perform the best. All the burners get hot enough to sear the ultimate food. Many people commented that Fire Magic Gas Grills are a true lifetime purchase. These are an excellent piece of equipment, slightly expensive but worth it.

One customer is happy to announce that he bought a Fire Magic Grill some 35-40 years ago. He says it is still functional and is one of the best purchases he made in 77 years.

Another customer bought Echelon 660 back 3+ Years ago and says the grill have fantastic construction and is excellent outdoor kitchen equipment.

One customer replaced his Fire Magic Legacy grill bought some 20 years ago with the new version to place on his island. He says the overall construction of grill is very nice and has fit and finish of top quality. The ignition system is wonderful.

This user says this is a great product, great store with excellent service. He is happy to use all burners, including back-burner at the same time. He is highly pleased to own one high-end BBQ.


Fire Magic Propane Gas Grills and Natural Gas Grills have a simple yet stunning design, powerful construction, durable, high-end quality, and large cooking space. In addition, Fire Magic Gas Grills lifetime warranty on cast stainless steel burners, cooking grids, and stainless steel housing are best in the industry. If you are looking for a high performing made in America grills that not only cooks well but looks amazing in your outdoor kitchen, buy Fire Magic Gas Grills today.