Emson Electric Indoor Pressure Smoker 7 Qt Review

If you are looking for a cooking appliance for your own kitchens which has the capability of cooking as well as smoking food, this is the product for you. You might have doubt whether one kitchen appliance could perform these two completely different jobs for you. You would know that this is not false, when you look at Emson Electric Indoor Pressure Smoker 7-Qt model. This can be called as an ideal pressure smoker for your indoor smoking purposes. You will be surprised to know that this is the only smoker unit that is combining the modern and scientific ways baking with smoking in order to achieve the smoking flavor that is desired by you.


  • Capacity: 7 quarts (Cook up to 6 lbs of meat in a time)
  • Power: 1,200 Watts
  • 2 –in-1 cooking equipment: Pressure cooker and smoker
  • Cook 70% faster
  • Various cooking options: Cold Smoke; Hot Smoke; Pressure Cook; Steam Cook; Brown
  • Dimensions: 14 X 14.2 X 13.6 inches
  • Weight: 12 pounds
  • Warranty:2 years

Design and Structure

The current electric smoker has been designed in such a way to have the size of your standard crock pot. With the dimensions of 14 X 14.2 X 13.6 inches, this Emson electric smoker is weighing just around 12 pounds. This lighter weight of the smoker unit will make it easier for you to carry and handle. As the product name suggests, the overall capacity that is being offered by this smoker is seven quarts which can be able to cook up to six pounds of meat in a time. This electric smoker model is also available in lesser capacity range as the Emson Electric 5Qt Smoker.

This electric smoker is containing all the features of both the pressure cooker as well as smoker in a single unit. Thus, this model will be promising to serve as 2-in-1 cooking equipment in your kitchens. Similar to the five quarts model, this electric smoker also is constructed from stainless steel. This smoking unit is coming to you with a two-year limited warranty from the manufacturer.


It is important for each and every one of us to understand about the various that have been incorporated into this electric smoker model before deciding to buy this product. Here are the features of this product for you:

  • Cook Faster: Thismodel is claimed to cook five times faster than the conventional methods of cooking. Moreover, as this smoker is combining the pressure cooker and smoker in the single appliance, this device increases the internal pressure by about 15 psi. This makes the smoker to cook 70% faster while making the wood chips to release their fragrant as well as flavor-enhancing smoke.
  • Cooking Options: As soon as you put your meat into the cooking unit and wood chips to the little box, you are able to select your cooking option for instructing the device on what has to be done. Various cooking options available are: Cold Smoke; Hot Smoke; Pressure Cook; Steam Cook; Brown.
  • Four Adjustable Racks: This electric smoker has been equipped with as many as four racks that are adjustable. By using this option, you can be able to layer your food as per the quantity and size.
  • Timer Settings: The current electric smoker in review has been built with the timer with which you can pre-set the total cooking timeand could just forget about your smoking process.
  • Internal Chamber Requires Less Wood: The internal chamber of this Emson electric smoker has been built in such a way that it requires only 3 to 5 wood chipsin order to the barbecue smoke flavor onto your food. Moreover, all the hot smoke that has been generated during the smoking process will be held inside the smoking unit until the pressure of the unit is released. This will cut your costs that are being spent on wood chips thereby making this model as an excellent electric smoker of current trends.

Ease of Use

As you look at the ease of use, the cooking directions for working with this Emson electric indoor pressure cooker are straight forward and fool-proof. You will just have to prepare your food as per the recipes and then, place them into your food basket. After your cooking unit has been loaded, put its cover in place. Just complete the required settings as per your preferences and see the heat and pressure building in your appliance. Now your wood will generate the smoke which will be forced through your food. The relief valve of the electric smoker would release a little amount of steam from time to time in order to control the pressure. Thus, cooking with the current smoker is much easier as revealed by the review articles on electric smokers.


  • This cooking unit would serve the dual purpose of cooker and smoker.
  • The current smoker unit would cook faster.
  • You would require only less number of wood chips to generate the required smoking flavor.
  • As it is light-weighted, the unit can be handled with much ease.
  • This electric smoker can be plugged into the standard AC outlet.
  • This has been rated as safer for indoor smoking purposes.
  • The automated timer would work accurately and could be precisely set.
  • The instructions that are accompanying are well explained and there are sample recipes attached.


  • When completely filled, the smoke that is generated would come into your room.
  • As the handles that are provided with this cooking device are smaller, one must be cautious while handling them soon after cooking or smoking.


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The Emson Electric Indoor Pressure Smoker 7-Qt model has been praised as a great invention in terms of both time and taste. Being much easier to use, this cooking device is offering you with greater flexibility while cooking. When the process is done correctly with this unit, it would promise you with greater taste of smoked flavor.