Emson Electric 5Qt Smoker Review

Emson Inc. has been involved in the manufacturing of promotional products and general merchandise for over 65 years. They have the vast experience and ingenuity for the branding products along with the mass appeal. They are looked upon for new and innovative products year after year. Emson Electric 5Qt Smoker is the most up to date cooking equipment introduced since the invention of pressure cooker. It can be called as the most modern method for the preparations of delicious smoked foods in your home kitchens.


  • Material: Sleek Stainless Steel
  • Power: 1000 Watts
  • Cooking Capacity: 4 lbs of Food
  • Varied Functions: Sears, cooks and cold smokes
  • Dimensions: 2 x 13.2 x 12.6 inches
  • Weight: 7 lbs
  • Warranty: 2- year


This electric smoker is made from sleek stainless steel. This smoker model contains the features within it, both the pressure cooker and smoker all in one appliance. This makes this electric smoker to act as multi-purpose cooking equipment in your kitchens. This electric smoker has been constructed with digital controls for the purpose to make your cooking easy.

With the dimensions of 13.2 X 13.2 X 12.6 inches, this electric smoker is weighing just 10.7 pounds and you will surely find it easy to place in any convenient place of your kitchen. The overall capacity of this electric smoker is five quarts and it could able to cook up to almost four pounds of food at the same time.

While the outer shell giving the appearance of brushed stainless steel, the cover is feeling like aluminum. The stacking tray of this electric smoker is very thin and light-weight and is made of chrome wire. Like any other electric smoker like Old Smokey Electric Smokerthe internal cooking pot is made from non-stick metal.

Special Features

There are some features in this electric smoker that are making this smoker model a more special one in the current market.

Faster Cooking: The Emson Electric Smoker can be able to increase its internal pressure by 15 psi. This feature of the electric smoker is the responsible feature for making the smoker to cook your food up to 70% faster.

Digital Settings: This electric smoker comes with the digital settings which will make it easier for you in carrying out the cooking process. The controls of this electric smoker are the membrane panel which also comes with status lights for each of the function available.

Power Element: With the power element of 1000 Watts, this electric smoker can be able to produce larger amount of smoke within less time, which means it will be able to save much of your electricity bills. This power element is promising you for the energy efficient smoking.

Digital Timer: This electric smoker comes with the digital timer which will enable you to pre-set the total time of smoking with much ease.

Internal Chamber: The electric smoker reviews suggest that the internal chamber of this electric smoker would require only 3 to 5 wood chips in order to infuse authentic smoke flavors into your foods. You need not have to spend more on wood chipsbecause of this.

Indoor Safety: As this electric smoker model has been designed to be used indoor, this smoker will be an exceptional value in your kitchens with much safety.

Adjustable Racks: This electric smoker will come to your hands with as much as four adjustable racks. By making use these adjustable racks, you can be able to layer your food.

Pressure Cooker: You can very well use this electric smoker as a traditional pressure cooker. You can see this smoker unit being utilized for varied purposes in your kitchens.


This electric smoker possesses some advantages which is making this smoker as the best electric smoker in the current market.

Varied Purposes: With this electric smoker, you can perform varied functions like sears, cooks and even cold smokes for cheese and fish. This electric smoker will be perfect for making your beef, sausages, chicken and pork.

Indoor Cooking: While most of the smokers would have been designed for outdoor smoking purposes, this smoker has been designed specifically for indoor cooking.

Less Number of Wood Chips: The internal chamber has been designed in such a way that only lesser number of wood chips is sufficient for generating authentic smoke flavors.

Cooking in Lesser Time: As this electric smoker model is able to cook your foods up to 70% faster, this will reduce the time that is being spent on cooking.

Safety: This smoker is the safest among the other models of recent times.

Warranty: This indoor pressure smoker comes to your hands with two-year limited warranty at no additional charges.


Some of the disadvantages with this electric smoker are as follows:

Lighter Cooking Racks: The cooking racks of this electric smoker are extremely thin and light-weighted. If some foods like chicken are placed over the bottom rack, it may come in direct contact with smoker cup. This may spoil the taste of the food.

Not Inexpensive: This electric smoker is not extremely inexpensive when compared to other similar electric smokers available in the current market.

Customer Reviews and Price

The Emson Electric 5Qt Smoker comes with the attractive price when compared to other smokers in the current market, you will have an option of purchasing this impressive product at an offer price with special discount by logging onto www.amazon.com. Also, in this site you can be able to know about the overall rating achieved by the product. A good rating for purchasing the product with confidence. You can also find reviews posted by customers about this product who had already used it.


With very less amount of disadvantages, Emson Electric 5Qt Smoker will be able to decorate your kitchens as the faster cooking equipment with multiple purposes to be served. This product possesses more number of advantages when compared to fewer disadvantages and hence, this will be the best buy you ever made.