Electric Smoker vs Grill – Which is Better?

There was a lot of commotion lately about which is better, an electric smoker or the regular grill. And although they both have qualities that the other method of preparing food lacks, they are also intended for two, very different, methods of preparing meat or vegetables. This leaves you with a question that doesn’t necessarily need an answer. But are you really asking the right question?

The matter is not about which method of preparing food is better, in general sense of that word, but which method provides the most exquisite, delicious food at your plate. In order to get the answer, sometimes we must expand, or simply be more precise with our question.

Being that we’ve already changed the structure of the question, we can start focusing on finding the answer to it. It’s fairly simple, only once you know what you’re looking for you can find it.

Otherwise, it stays hidden in the dark of dilemma and sea of desires. But enough with philosophy, you’re here to find out which method of preparing food is better, right? So let’s jump right into resolving this matter at hand.

Tomāto Tomäto?

The method of thermally preparing the food is becoming quite popular not only in U.S. but also in other countries known for their barbecue appetite. So what does an electric smoker offer to a classic barbecue enthusiast?

We all love to roast a couple of chunky pieces of meat and enjoy a barbecue with our neighbors, friends, and family in our backyard. But the number of guests is directly tied to your culinary and barbecue skills, right? How good you are at smoking, grilling or roasting meat determines how crowded and filled with friends and family your backyard will be.

So in order to determine which method is better, cooking with an electric smoker or a grill, let’s review both of them so that you can decide what suits you best!

Grilling Meat

What better sight that that of your backyard filled with joyful people that truly enjoy the event that you organized. Barbecue gatherings can not only be fun, but they can also reunite people, and this is another reason why it’s so popular. Grilling barbecue allows you to cook delicious food, socialize with people and possibly reunite lost relationships. So does not only provide meat on the plate but apparently more than that.

Grilled meat can be extremely tasty, but only if you know how to use the grill and are confident in your barbecue skills. So what does it take to successfully grill barbecue?

First, you should be completely confident in your culinary skills. This doesn’t mean that you should only know how to start the grill and turn the meat when one side is ready. No, this means that you should know which gas to use, wood, or if you’re using an electric grill, which temperature to set for each piece of meat that you place on it. If you don’t have a single barbecue recipe in front of you, check this list of awesome recipes and pick your favorite one.

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Furthermore, you should have common culinary sense, meaning that you know which ingredients go with what type of meat, vegetable or food type in general. For example, its fairly common knowledge that ale, wine, and other liquor enhances the taste of barbecued meat. This is only basic knowledge of cooking, so besides this, you should have a couple of other culinary tricks up your sleeve.

What’s more important you’ll also need the basic knowledge of meat cuts. You can’t just place the whole rib cage on the grill and expect it to cook perfectly. You’ll need to turn it every 15 minutes and add dressing or any other liquid that goes with that meat type. This not only guarantees that you’ll have perfectly cooked ribs once you’re done the grilling, but it also significantly enhances the flavor.

Smoking Meat

Everybody knows that smoking meat provides tastier food than grilling it. It’s not only about the taste but the smell and texture of the meat, that makes it so unique after it’s out from the smoker. But next to this, what are the features of using an electric smoker? What makes this method superior to grilling?

Firstly, it’s fairly easy to use. All you need is three ingredients-meat, electricity, and wood chips. Once you place your electric smoker on a perfect spot in your backyard, the only thing left for you to do is prepare your meat and favorite brand of wood chips. Everybody loves ribs, but smoked ribs remain one of the best dishes you’ve ever tasted, right? If you aren’t familiar with a single smoked rib recipe, take a look at this one.


To start your smoking session, all you need to do is push the button and set you electric smoker on preheating. Once that’s done you may arrange the meat in the inner chamber and add the wood chips in the tray compartment.

This is why most of the people prefer using electric smoker over the grill for preparing food. It’s easy to use; you don’t have to maintain the heat or add wood. Everything is performed in a civilized manner. Your hands won’t dirty and all you need to do to enhance the flavor of the meat, is prepare a marinade for the meat, and add woodchips whenever you please.

Bear in mind that different wood chips types provide differently flavored meat. So pick you best brand and start smoking your favorite meat with it.

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To Conclude

It’s clear that the absolute winner is the electric smoker. We’ve listed only a couple of benefits of using both techniques for meat preparation, and yet the electric smoker easily wins this battle.

Without going into detail of which method is better, you can review features of using and electric smoker and using a grill, and decide for yourself which method is superior in almost every way.