​Electric Smoker vs. Gas Smoker – Ultimate Shootout!

​Everything progresses in time, and so do the meat smoking techniques. The newest technology gives us numerous possibilities how to get our hands on the most delicious smoked meat treats. Lately, electric and gas smokers have become quite popular among the grilling community. The smoking tradition lasts for a very long time, and it’s popular in almost every part of the world. People love it more and more, and they are getting interested in finding out the best ways to do it.

​New Technologies with Same Results

Before the electricity, the only way to smoke meat was to leave it in the cold and wait until it’s done. The process took a lot of time, but the results were more than satisfying. Well, we live in the modern age now, and there is no need to wait that long anymore. Purchase an electric or a gas smoker, and smoke all the meat you want in no time. The results will be even better than you think. Better and newer smoking techniques are emerging every day as it all revolves around invention and innovation.

As of late, there is one more factor that shapes the smoking techniques people know nowadays, and that is the modern technological development. The latest technology gave us electric smokers, and today, we are here to compare an electric and gas smoker to find out which one is better. These two smokers are the most popular types among grillers, but there are considerable differences between the two.

Why Do You Need a Smoker?

Both are great for smoking meat without a doubt, but it depends on the aspect you want to use them for. One is better than the other for different things, so you need to make a wise choice. As with every product, both smokers have their weaknesses and strengths which will determine a better one. Based on their major characteristics, we will be able to define those strengths and weaknesses and make a comparison.

When you are buying a smoker, you want to get the best of it and your food at the same time. Based on that need and this comparison here, you will be able to make an educated and smart decision about which one you actually want to buy. You need the one that will give you the most out of what you need.

The Difference

​Before we get into the details, we have to explain the difference between a gas and an electric smoker.

Electric Smokers

This type of smokers uses thermal energy to create a heating element that heats up wood chips and produces smoke that smokes the meat. It is a fast way how to use a digitized electric device to smoke the food in just a few hours.

It gives you a lot of useful features that make the whole smoking process really simple and easy.  This unit is very useful because once you set it, you can securely leave it and only check on the progress from time to time. That makes the use of it convenient for those who have other obligations.


​Gas Smokers

​On the other hand, a gas smoker uses natural or propane gas to get the meat smoked. It smoker requires your attention throughout the whole smoking process because you will have to regulate and monitor both the heat and the smoke. It takes more time to smoke the food, but some people prefer it to an electric one.


​Consider Your Needs and Experience

One of the biggest differences between the two is that an electric type is digitalized and doesn’t require your attention while a gas one needs constant monitoring. A gas smoker is slower but cheaper, and you can reach higher temperatures than with an electric one. Depending on the food and what you want to do, both smokers can be the right choice. The truth is, if you are an experienced griller you will probably go with a gas smoker because you already have a lot of experience and know the technique.

The ability to reach higher temperatures will give you enough room to manipulate the food however you choose to. However, if you are a newbie griller, an electric one would probably be a better choice. It is easier to handle, and the controls are digitalized and automatic. Based on these differences, you can quickly tell which one is your favorite in this electric smoker vs gas contest. Each one is good in its own league so let us bring down the ultimate shootout.

Convenience, Safety, and Ease Of Use

As we already mentioned, electric types are easier to use, and they are more convenient as they do not require you to watch over them as gas smokers do. The sole fact that it includes integrated meat thermometer makes it more applicable to people who prefer such conveniences.

They are safer too because of the heating element within the smoker that is designed to reduce any chance of accident and improve overall safety. The safety design prevents any direct exposure of the user to the heat while a gas smoker doesn’t have such a measure of precaution. That is why a gas smoker is more advised to experienced smokers.

​The Price and Food Quality

An electric type is a bit pricier than a gas one even though the cost difference is not that big. Still, if a hundred bucks count a lot in your book, you will go with a gas one. The standard price difference ranges from 50-150 $. When it comes to the quality of the smoked food, the opinions vary a lot. The fact that a gas smoker supports higher temperatures might prevail because that can help to achieve the desired extent of smoking.

To Conclude

When it comes to convenience and user-utility, an electric smoker is a better choice. To each their own but to put it in simple terms – if you are into a more traditional way of food smoking, you will go with a gas smoker. Otherwise, an electric one would be the right choice. Mostly, it depends on your grilling experience.