Davy Crockett pellet grill review

Green Mountain Grills Davy Crockett Pellet Grill – WIFI enabled


  • Portable
  • Lightweight
  • Convenient
  • Easy to use
  • Durable



  • ​Rather expensive

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Davy Crockett pellet grill review version 1

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast who believes nothing is better than slowly grilling meat and veggies over exposed flaming charcoal, then this post is not for you. If, however, you’re a technophile, who is willing and ready to accept and embrace the advances in the grilling domain, then read on because you’re going to love our Green Mountain Grill reviews.

There’s something special about the aroma, the juicy look, and the lip-smacking taste of grilled meat and veggies that make this form of cooking so popular. grilling has long been a favorite pastime for many people. And we can all agree, no matter how hot or cold it might be, it is always great grilling weather. From lamb meatballs to sweet potatoes, there are always plenty of great options for savoring and searing. The best part of all is, it isn’t just fun to grill, it can actually be healthy for you as well.

However, only the pit masters know, dishing up some really mouthwatering delicacies for those special family times, not only requires experience and expertise in grilling but also in the choice of grill you make. To get better at this, you need the best pellet Grill available in the market, and today we shall review the Davy Crocket Grill. This grill is one of the most popular grills on the market that combines technology with traditional grilling methods.

What is a Pellet grill?

Green Mountain Grills Davy Crockett Pellet Grill – WIFI enabled

A Pellet Grill is the new kid on the block; it offers great flavor and convenience of a real wood burning smoker/grill. Unlike other grills, it combines a convection oven, a smoker, and a grill under the same roof.

A pellet smoker embodies the definition of cooking versatility; it can be used for baking, searing, smoking, roasting and slow braising. What really separates the pellet grills is the fact that they utilize flavored wood pellets as their fuel source, meaning they give your food a tantalizing smoky flavor.

Green Mountain Grill Reviews: Davy Crocket Pellet Grill

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When pellet grills were still in its evolution phase, Traeger and Louisiana were the only brands that dominated the market with no competitor. Fast-forward, in 2008, Green Mountain entered the scene with a promise to break Traeger and Louisiana monopoly. True to their word, they began offering new and exciting tech-savvy models at competitive prices.

However, their breakthrough came with the addition of the small and portable Davy Crocket model their stable. This model is the true definition of excellence; the model is extremely lightweight, portable, efficient, and easy to use-all the desirable features of any grill. The model has catapulted Green Mountain at the apex of the pellet-grilling domain.

Features of the Green Mountain Grills Davy Crockett Pellet Grill

Weighing at only 77.16 pounds, with a dimension of 20.87 x 16.54 x 32.13 inches, the grill is extremely lightweight, highly portable and can be placed in any car. Also, the grill sports more than one power options and thermal-sensor, which constantly regulates the grill temperatures. It’s main selling feature, however, is the digital Wi-Fi controller, which allows you to control the grill using your Android or iOS enabled device.

Wi-Fi enabled

If you’ve done grilling before, you know that it requires constant monitoring, and taking your eyes off the grill for a few seconds can result in your steak, burgers, and hot dogs getting burned to a crisp. This is to mean that the person behind the grill has to stay close to the grill and rarely gets time to partake any barbeque festivities or spend time with family and friends.

With Davy Crocket, you’ll never have to worry about your veggies or meatballs getting burnt thanks, Wi-Fi feature. Just like any Wi-Fi enabled device, the grill is synced with your device of choice and allows users to monitor and adjust cook time grill temperatures and internal meat cooking temperatures, all from the comfort of your device.

Additionally, you can set time alerts and alert when your food’s internal temperature reaches a certain level making grilling, baking, and smoke super easy.

With Davy Crockett, you’ll never again miss the big play from a game on TV. Better yet, you can sit back on your lounge chair; have a beer without the need of hovering over the grill.


The Davy Crocket Pellet Grill accommodates temperatures from 150 degrees Fahrenheit to 500 degrees Fahrenheit with 5 degrees increment. This temperature control feature allows you to take full charge of how much heat you want to cook your food in. Also, the low increment allows you to cook delicate meats such as fish and seafood.

Thermal sensor

The Grill has been fitted with a proprietary thermal sensor, Sense-mate. Sense-mate is a thermal sensor which constantly monitors Grill temperature. With the grill, the internal thermal sensor allows you to regulate the temperature by adjusting air and pellet flow to maintain a constant internal temperature easily.

Open flame technology

If you’re familiar with pellet grills, then you know their limitation, when it comes to searing meat. Unlike other Pellet grills, the Davy Crockett has an innovative double-piece grease tray, which can be placed in an open position to be used for an open flame, high heat, and direct grilling. With the double-piece grease tray at hand, the searing problem is no more. For super indirect smoking, you only have to move the tray back to the closed position.

Meat probe

Ask anyone who has tried grilling before, getting an accurate idea of the internal temperature of the grilled items is challenging, even to the skilled and experienced grillers. There’re plenty of meat probes in the market today, but they’re often inaccurate and out of our budget range.

However, with the Davy Crockett, comes along with a robust and reliable meat probe, which can easily connect with your digital controller to provide you with accurate and timely measurements of your food’s internal temperature. With the meat probe, you can be assured that you’ll never again serve your guest with overcooked or dried out meat again.

Green Mountain Grills Davy Crockett Pellet Grill – WIFI enabled

Multiple powering options

Davy Crocket is the true definition of versatility. Unlike another grill which only uses a single source of power, the Davy Crocket features threefold power options, allowing you three different methods to give it life.

For instance, if you’re grilling in your backyard, which is accessible to a wall unit, you can conveniently include the AC adapter to connect to your grill to the power source. On the other hand, if you’re away from home, the grill can be connected to your car battery or the 23’12-volt plug, which connects to your vehicle’s phone jack.

This is to mean that the grill offers convenience, and is an ideal choice for camping, tailgating, or for emergency purposes.

Convenience tray

A convenience tray may not be much of a big deal, but it’s not only the high-tech features that define a grill, but also the basic yet extras, and Davy Crocket has got you covered. In fact, you would be surprised by the number of Grills that do not offer the luxury of a convenience tray.

Davy Crocket provides enough and handy metal side space for storing your knives, tongs, and other utensils when you’re not using them. It can also be an ideal place for food prep and holding sauce for marinating.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs) on the Davy Crockett Pellet Grill

Is it foldable?
Answer: Yes, it has Folded Legs Double as Handles.

Will using the car battery to power the Grill drain the battery?
Answer: No doesn’t use that much energy.

Editor’s remarks

Well, from the Green Mountain Grill reviews above, one thing is for sure; the Davy Crocket is a high-tech grill, which combines modern day and traditional grilling. Also, its sports an array of exciting and new features, with the inclusion W-Fi being one of its major selling features. I would definitely this incredible recommend this to anyone!

Davy Crockett pellet grill review version 2

Pretty much all pellet grills on the market focus on one two key features. Versatility and convenience. That makes them great all around grills, but you definitely wouldn’t consider them portable.

For one, you need to have a source of electricity to plug the grill in to. You can’t just grab a bag of charcoal or a propane canister and fire it up anywhere. Then there’s the bulky design caused by the pellet hopper.

So you might be wondering what made us named the Davy Crockett by Green Mountain the best portable pellet grill in our guide to pellet grills?

Green Mountain Davy Crockett Overview

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Green Mountain have managed to fit a 12” x 18” cooking surface into a relatively compact 60 pound package. They cleverly get around the need for an electrical outlet by packaging the grill with adapters that let you power it from the cigarette lighter in your car.

Or you could always plug it in to a generator.

The Davy Crockett generates heat and smoke though wood pellets which are placed in a hopper, and then moved into the fire box. No other source of fuel is necessary, and the steam keeps food moist while the smoke flavors it.

If you’re familiar with how pellet grills work then there are no big surprises here.

Of course Green Mountain Grills makes wood pellets, but the Davy Crockett will work well with any wood pellet so you might as well buy in bulk.

With the capability of heating accurately between 200° and 550°F, (more about this later) the Davy Crockett does a decent job as both a smoker and a grill. On top of that, it’s packed with some surprisingly high tech features.

Why would a smoker/grill need WiFi technology?

If you’re a traditionalist it’s easy to be skeptical when manufacturers try and pack a lot of tech into their smokers. These won’t be useful features for everyone,  but controlling your smoker on your phone definitely has it’s advantages:

  • Allows for remote temperature control, allowing you to do other things while the grill works.
  • Allows you to set times and temps accurately and know when they are reached.
  • Eliminates the need to frequently check the proces of what you’re cooking.
  • The Davy Crockett “talks to itself”, controlling fan speed and other factors that contribute to the ambient temperature.
  • It is also a safety feature, preventing fires on its own and allowing you to walk away with confidence.

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Ease of use

davy-crockett-appThe Davy Crockett can be plugged into a car cigarette lighter, car battery (charger cables included) or any other 110 volt outlet, including the household type, (Obviously, no grill is recommended for use inside your home), or a generator.

It has an app that you download to your tablet or phone (see here for instructions) allowing for remote control.

If you plan on using this as a portable grill then the weight factors into the ease of use. The grill is quite light compared to other pellet grills at around 60 pounds. The legs fold into handles for carrying, and it also can be placed on a flat surface, such as a tail gate.

If you do not think that 60 pounds is ‘light’, it should be noted that two people should be available to carry and lift this grill. This is an occasional complaint about the Davy Crockett model, but the DC is a work horse and strongly built. It is not made of plastic. It is steel. However, it will fit into the trunk of a car.

Even out of the box, the Davy Crockett has super easy assembly, so for a heavy duty portable model, it is convenient to take around to tailgates, picnics, RV’ing, and camping. Check out this video to see how the assembly works.

The Davy Crockett is suitable for household (outdoor) use, too, and a great number of its fans use it more as a stationary grill than for travel. With smaller yards and families, the DC is a preferable size for most people.

Winner of several medals since its inception in 2008, such as the 2013 VESTA Award for barbecues, other fuels, and The Amazing Ribs Best Value Gold Medal, the Davy Crockett was conceived as an answer to some of the failures of other wood pellet grills currently on the market.

Construction and Design Quality

davy-crockett-grill-build-qualityThe Davy Crockett has a 7” peaked lid which combined with the fan provides superior air flow (convection), and is roomier for food. This improves cooking based on the basic culinary law of not overcrowding the food.

The Davy Crockett has a 12” x 18” cooking surface, which is large for a portable grill and smaller than the biggest baddest totally stationary grill on the market. This allows for a 10-12 lb brisket, about a dozen burgers, a couple of chickens, or a small turkey. Portable grills aren’t ideal for cooking for a family reunion of 40 people, and that is not what is expected of them.

When you cook grease is channeled to a bucket with an angled drip pan, which is fitted around the temperature sensor of the control box, a practical way to eliminate build up and the need to brush or scrape frequently.

The Davy Crockett is made of steel, with a 14 gauge body and 13 gauge lid, making it stronger and heavier than its competitors while still portable.

The Davy Crockett is guaranteed for 2 years, which protects against any defects in manufacturing or structure, and the company is known for its responsiveness.

Potential issues

While the Davy Crockett generally performs very well for a grill in this price point, no grills are without there issues:

  • The legs can tip somewhat. This could be solved with some kind of rubber grip on the bottom part, which would also make carrying easier.
  • A few owners have had problems with the probe thermometer, but the Green Mountain Company is very responsive to consumers, and have replaced defective units speedily. Also, this defect is notably rare. A third party wireless thermometerwill always give you more accurate temperatures though.

The Davy Crockett Grill exceeds expectations for a portable pellet grill, not only in construction but in thoughtful design, price, and general user friendliness. While the grill is definitely marketed for portability, the grill is definitely nice enough to use regularly as either your primary grill if you’re not cooking for many people or as a secondary home grill when you need extra capacity.

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