What you should consider for buying the Electric Smoker

Now you might think that buying an Electric Smoker is not too much complicated as it seems, but the reality is you might get confused in choosing the right one among all the choices presented to you.

The main reason for this confusion is that, every barbecue lover wishes to get the best Smoker for him/her so that he/she can make delicious yet healthy food at home but easily without any hassles.

On the other hand, there are many models available in the market now offering different kinds of Electric Smoker with some or the other unique feature added to it. So these all factors make it difficult for any user in making the right choice.

Now if you are planning to cook dishes like crab, fish on the smoker, then not all the products are apt for cooking these items. So for this we have enlisted here some of the points that need to be considered for choosing the right appliance for you.

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What you should consider?

Checking out for some openings:

  • The first point to consider is the presence of any cavity kind of thing. The main purpose of such structures is to remove excess heat outside the system.
  • When the excess amount of the smoke and heat is removed, the level of the smoke within the electric smoker will be maintained. Also the other thing that is maintained here is, the level of the smoke and the temperature is maintained in the food.
  • When you are dealing with the traditional style for cooking, you are required to stir the vessel to prevent the food from being burnt. But because of the openings present, heat is maintained and there are no chances of any burnt food.

Temperature Control:

  • A good food is cooked by keeping the time and the temperature in control. If any one of both the parameters is not controlled properly, your food may fail.
  • So if you are opting for the traditional style of cooking, then you need to regularly check the temperature inside the unit, to ensure that the food is being rightly cooked.
  • While all this work will be now controlled by the electric smoker itself and this job is done by the use of rheostat/thermostat within. Most of the users have rated the rheostats as good compared to the latter.

Heat flow in the system:

  • Now a lot more science goes into the making of the heat structure are in a smoker. The main concern while designing the electric smoker is to make sure that the food is prepared rightly and also in time.
  • Now if you are into cooking profession, then definitely you will be looking out for a smoker which cooks the food faster. And for this, go for especially this one where the heat flows from the upside to downwards.And for others who are looking out for the smoker for their personal use, then they should opt for the electric smoker where the heat flows from downwards to upwards. The reason is, this method will cook the food slowly keeping all the flavours intact.

Food Tray Structure:

  • The electric smokers comes with different kinds of trays in it. The trays are arranged in two ways. One way is the horizontally placed trays without any inclination and the another way is with the inclination.
  • The other classification comes, when looking out for the type of food that you need to cook. If you wish to cook meat, then horizontal tray should be preferred whereas for cooking fish, horizontal trays with inclination is used.
  • Now considering the material used in the making of the tray, it could be made of steel, stainless steel or any other material. So you need to make sure here that the material of the tray is a durable one and requires less maintenance.


  • After considering all the above points, the last one but the most important of all is your Budget for buying any appliance. After you have decided which kind of smoker to buy then you must check out for the availability of the product in your budget range.
  • For this, you need to first mark down all the features that you wish to see in your electric smoker, which includes the kind of food you wish to cook or the time duration of cooking the food.
  • By doing this, you will definitely filter out many options from the list of available smokers. And also you will be able to choose the right system with all the features you needed in it, and also within the budget that you had decided.

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Advantages & Disadvantages of using Electric Smoker

In this section we will check out the advantages and the disadvantages present in the Best Electric Smoker. The main concept while dealing with these kind of smokers is that the heat is not created using the flames here.

Here the electric smokers work using the heating of the coils, and thus we get the heat for cooking of the food. Now this way of working provides a lot of advantages to you, compared to the traditional smoker.

And the advantages that your Best Electric Smoker offers are provided in the following section:


  • Undoubtedly the electric smokers are way too safer than your traditional systems. Talking about the traditional methods, they depend on the fire to get the smoke for cooking.
  • The other issue using the traditional way is that, if by chance the smoking unit falls then the fire could spread around. And if you have got your partner and kids living in the same house, then buying the best electric smoker would be recommended.
  • Therefore the electric ones are undoubtedly more safe to use. Also if you have got any kind of danger with the open flames in your surrounding, then go for the electric smoking.


  • Here the term “price” relates to the maintenance cost. If you are using the traditional smoker, then you will require money for buying the charcoal and fuel.
  • After some time, a lot of money will be spent for the running of the unit. This issue never arises when we are dealing with the electric smoker.
  • Whereas in the Best Electric Smoker, you don’t require any fuel for running. Instead you have to simply plug the device and then run it. Also this devices does not use a lot of power.

Easy to handle

  • When we are using the traditional unit, you need to keep a watch on it while the electric smoker is in a working state. That is, you need to keep working on the flame, and to check the air flow passage in the flame.
  • ​Also when you are dealing with the traditional smoker, you need to make sure that the flame is running properly within some time interval. In the Best Electric Smoker, you simply have to plug in, set temperature and start the cooking process.
  • An Electric Smoker can work wonders for both the newbies and the experts. Even if you don’t have knowledge of handling the smoking meat, you can easily set the temperature and cook the food easily in an electric unit.


  • This point is connected to the previous advantage. Because of the feature of the ease of handling, this electric smoker gives the advantage of being convenient for the users.
  • Talking about the traditional method, you need to keep a watch on the food at regular intervals. Need to check the flames, flow of air and the temperature whereas in these particular Smokers, just set the temperature and cook the food easily.

Advantages are done, now we will check out the disadvantages of using the Best Electric Smoker. And they are:

  • Low Temperature – The electric smokers provide comparatively lower temperature, which results in longer time for cooking food. The level of temperature is one of the main drawbacks of the these smokers.
  • Prone to malfunction – Compared to the traditional system, the electric smoker is vulnerable to the failure because of the electronic elements present in the latter one.

So these were the advantages and disadvantages present in the use of Electric Smoker, and we have compared them with the traditional.

We are back with another kind of smoker for you and this Best Electric Smoker Reviews For 2017 will provide you with all the details required for the most efficient electric smoker. Also, we will provide the appropriate ratings of the same machines too. Smoking of the food has been considered one of the most traditional way of cooking. And there may be many of you who still wish to cook by this traditional way. The different type of smokers included in this is pellet smoker, propane smoker, barbecue smoker, etc.

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Top 5 Electric Smoker Reviews 2017

Now we have brought the Top-Rated Electric Smoker Reviews for you. The reason for writing this article is, a lot of extra work is put in the pellet smoker and so we can reduce these efforts by using an electric smoker for your personal use.

#1 Recommendation: Smokin-It Model Electric Smoker

All the smoker by the Smokin-It comes along with the casters and three grilling racks made of stainless steel, and a rheostat for controlling the range of temperature. This most recommended Electric Smoker arrives in an assembled form itself and so makes it easy to use.


This electric smoker has got this capacity of handling around 21 pounds of meat. This Smokin-It makes use of 400 Watt of LED light as the indicator. The single phase of 3A with 120volts is covered with the fiberglass material.

The dimension of the Smokin-It Model is given by 12.5 x 17.2 x 13.5 in inches. The system weighs about 58.8 pounds. And it also has got three removable shelves with it and can accommodate a total of 4 shelves.

It is easy to use this machine and comes with simple controls in it. This device is quite portable in nature. Therefore, you can easily move it from one place to another. The steps for installing this smoker is also a simple to do the task.

The only drawback found in this Smokin-It model is the number of the racks provided, as mentioned before there is a space of 4 shelf accommodation but racks provided are only 3 with this.

So we provided you the detailed information on the electric smoker with their pros and cons. Lately, that is evident from only one negative found in this. Also it has got excellent Amazon user ratings!

#2 Masterbuilt Electric Smoker

The main feature of the Masterbuilt Electric Smoker is the intuitive push button that it has got. The temperature range found in this one lies between 100 to 275°F. Also, the temperature is maintained very well in this, thus keeping the food perfect.

The space provided for cooking inside the smoker is quite large, and so you will get a large amount of space to cook ham, sausages, chicken for any special occasion as well as for home cooking.

Talking about the dimensions, this smoker has got 20 x 17 x 33.5 in inches. The appliance weighs around 45.9 pounds, and it comes with a digital timer and temperature controllers.

The size that can be handled by this Masterbuilt product is incredibly large. The selection of this system is an economic one, as it makes use of less amount of woods for the working. The customer care of the company is reportedly co-operative.

The quality of the build lags behind the standard quality when compared with other smokers in this range. So this is the only drawback we got in this electric smoker.


There are many other features which make this product unique from all the others. And the only drawback we got regards the build quality. This product has received great ratings as per the stars given by the users.

#3 Old Smokey Electric Smoker

This product is way too efficient than you think. The performance of this product will be known only after you start using this system. This Old Smokey Electric Smoker is adaptable in nature, so if you wish to try out new recipes, then this smoker remains the top ranked choice of all.


This electric smoker has got one tray just like the ones we see in an electric oven. We have to keep the wood chips on this tray and cook. The lid is used for keeping the unit closed, and this will help in storing the wooden flavor of the food while it is cooked.

The dimension of this product is given by 29 x 15.5 x 15.5 in inches. This Masterbuilt device weighs about 24 pounds.

The machine comes with a drip pan for the beginner level cooking and also with additional grill for the top cooking level users.

This Old Smokey is quite easy to handle by a new user, with easy controls and working. The client support team has been working very efficiently. And in the end, the performance of this electric smoker is par excellence at this range.

The only drawback found here is that reliability factor. Some of the users have questioned the reliability of this electric heater, and have a complaint that this product lags behind here.

We discussed the Old Smokey Electric Smoker here, and saw all the needed info on it, with the pros and cons found in it. This product comes at a reasonable rate via Amazon, and the overall ratings are also good on the same portal.

#4 Smoke Hollow 30162E Electric Smoker

The next on our recommendations is the Smoke Hollow Electric Smoker. The first thing about this smoker is that it is surrounded by two wall construction. Therefore, the heat is firmly closed within the smoker.

The heat is generated using the 1500 watt element in this smoker. The system looks like our very own electric smoker; you need to place your favorite wood chip and to get the authentic BBQ taste in the cooked food.

The dimension of the unit is given by 17 x 15 x 31 in inches. The weight of this Smoke Hollow during shipment is found to be 47.65 pounds. The machine has got two handles for ease of handling and assembling the complete electric smoker.

It has this quality of being convenient to the users; it’s because of the compact nature. The quality of the build found in this machine is of high quality. Also, the controls given on this machine is easy to understand, even for a newbie.

The only drawback found regarding this, is regarding the instruction book provided with it.


People have expressed that the instructions provided in this were not up to the mark, and they had to surf the internet to get some of the steps cleared.

We have got only one drawback as of now, will update if any other issue is reported. This Smoke Hollow 30162E is mainly preferred for outside cooking. Checking the Amazon ratings, they have got decent ratings by all the users.

#5 Bradley 4 Rack Digital Smoker

This Bradley Smoker includes all the digital technology that is mainly found in the all the modern smokers. Therefore the different categories like the smoke, time, right amount of temperature can be controlled in this Bradley Smoker.


The Bradley Smoker is the best for creating high-quality foods in the home itself. The other features included in this are the automatic way of roasting, cooking barbecue and even smoking in the outdoor places.

The dimension of this Bradley 4 Rack is 14 x 14 x 31 in inches. The product weighs about the 43 pounds.

This electric smoker can provide continuous 8 hours of cool smoke and a temperature which ranges up to 320°F.

The steps for installing this electric heater is quite easy. The cost is worthy of the performance provided by the electric system. The complete smoker is also easy to handle one too with the simple digital controls on it.

The quality of the build found in this product is low comparatively. Some people have expressed their disappointment regarding the build quality of the Bradley electric smoker that they purchased.

We saw the complete in detail info on the Bradley smoker, and also the pros and cons present in it. This product is expensive, and not easily affordable by all the buyers. 

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We are concluding our post on Best Electric Smoker Reviews For 2017 and hope that we helped you in the right way in making the right selection for these appliances among all the ones that are available in the market. For more updates on the Smoker Reviews, keep visiting us on Best BBQ Smoker.