How to clean a Masterbuilt Electric Smoker

If you own an electric smoker, one question you have as an owner is how to clean a masterbuilt smoker. In addition to the simplicity behind cleaning your smoker, is also the answer as to how often you should clean it. In terms of frequency, a good rule of thumb is to clean it every use; so after each time you use it to smoke meats, you want to clean it.

Cleaning the smoker

The interior chamber is the most important area of your smoker. When cleaning it, you want to allow it to cool entirely; this not only for safety but also to ensure you don’t burn out or ruin circuits. Once entirely dry, you are simply going to use a warm water and soap solution (dish soap does wonders).

You will first remove any debris with a rag; you can also use a bristle brush (but don’t use aluminium).

Once all hardened debris is removed simply remove it from the chamber. At this point, you will get your damp cloth, and wipe down all interior portions of the chamber. Make sure to get the tight corners. There are no secrets here.

Once completely cleaned, it is a good idea to wipe it down, rather than allow to air dry. Also keep in mind that with each use, the interior chamber will get darker, but it still has to be cleaned after use.


You will wipe down the exterior surface of your air grill with a damp cloth and water solution as well. As with the interior chamber, you don’t want to let it sit and air dry; the main reason is for rust prevention.

If your smoker does have a glass or window on the front, this is where you need to be careful with cleaning. You are going to wipe it down in a similar manner and dry it with a dry cloth.

cleaning smoker

But, you have to make sure you can use the soap solution; if not, you will find approved glass cleaners on the manual of your grill. So this is the only area you want to be certain of prior to cleaning. Once cleaned, make sure you dry the entire exterior of the grill, in order to avoid rust or dry particle formation.

The interior

Your racks, and other removable parts from the grill should be completely removed for cleaning. And, as is the case with the rest of your grill, you are going to want to clean them after every use.

As was the case with the interior chamber, if you want to remove grease, stuck on particles, and hardened dirt, you can also use a bristle brush to clean the grates and other parts of the grill. You can use a harder brush, as these materials are steel, and won’t get scratched or damaged with the brush.

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Once all particles are removed, you are now going to use the water solution and dish soap in order to clean the grates. You are going to want to make sure you completely wipe down all portions, so as to ensure even, smooth cleaning, and a smooth surface after it is cleaned. Unlike the other parts of your grill, these racks which you removed, are to be air dried.

masterbuilt electric smoker interior

Simply allow them to sit outside for a couple of hours to dry completely prior to placing them back into the grill. Doing this will allow the hardened particles and other greases to come off the grates, and ensure that the entire area is evenly cleaned prior to your next use.

With the grates and other removable parts of your grill, once they are entirely dried, you can also use a vegetable oil or spray to apply onto the racks prior to placing them in the smoker again.

Doing this is not only going to help prevent meat from sticking on the grates, but it is also going to help with rust prevention after you allow the racks to air dry. And, the longer you have the grill, the more the oil is going to help to preserve it after continual use.

The thermostat

The exterior and interior knobs on the grill, contrary to popular belief, also have to be washed and wipe down after you use the smoker. Not only does soot and other grease build up on these surfaces, but if you don’t clean them, as you do the rest of your grill, you are going to notice they are going to deteriorate over time.

So you will use an approved cleaning agent, or you can use your trusty warm water and dish soap mix to wipe down the knobs as well.

When cleaning these areas, you can allow them to air dry, or you can immediately dry them off with a dry cloth if you choose. There is no secret to cleaning them.

If they are removable, you can also take the knobs off the exterior surface of the grill, simply for deeper cleaning, and so you can get below the knob faces, and remove any build up of dirt or grease which tends to take place with smokers you use for longer periods of time when smoking meats.

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Avoidance when cleaning

It is important only to use approved cleaning agents if you so desire to invest in these cleaners. But, the dish soap or any non-abrasive soaps are just as effective as long as you are cleaning the grill after each use.

There is truly no secret as it pertains to how to clean a masterbuilt electric smoker, and how often you should be cleaning it. Although most people don’t do so, if you keep up with the cleaning and maintenance of your grill, it is not only going to last longer, but it is also going to remain just as efficient as it was when you purchased it.

For optimal results, exceptional smoking, and to ensure the longevity of your smoker, proper cleaning is a must. But, unlike what most people believe, cleaning the smoker doesn’t require too much work, and it should only take you a matter of minutes (once you allow the interior chamber to cool entirely) if you keep up with and are cleaning the smoker after every use.