Char-Broil Simple Smoker with SmartChef Technology review

Char-Broil Simple Smoker with SmartChef Technology


  • Smart app controller
  • Easy to use
  • Meat probe included
  • Side loading chip tray
  • Affordable
  • Predictive completion tech


  • Some users complain that app doesn’t work properly
  • No trays
  • Small capacity

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Smoked food is likely among life’s greatest pleasures, especially for meat lovers. If you want to try smoking food at home, then Char-Broil Simple Smoker is the best option for you. It is one of the cheapest products with the advanced technology.

Char-Broil Simple Smoker with SmartChef Technology

Predictive completion tech, meat probe, and smart app controller are rounded out with the side loading chip tray. It has a small capacity, but the good thing is that it’s extremely portable. This unit is great for both professional and amateurs.

You won’t have to keep a constant watch on the food because it works with the SmartChef app controller which will provide you with updates about when the meat is smoked. You can check the meal whenever you want, monitoring the chamber temperature and smoke time. It also includes recipes with cooking tips for the beginners.

Before purchasing an electric smoker, you should read our reviews and try to find the best one for yourself. That way you will avoid buying the unit with features you don’t need and overpaying it.

After our research, we can tell you that this product is simple, yet versatile and flexible. If you want to enter the world of electric smokers, then this appliance is an excellent option to start.

To know more about this unit, just keep reading.

The Features

Char-Broil Simple Smoker with SmartChef Technology

Smart App Controller and Integrated Meat Probe

The Chair-Broil simple smoker includes an advanced technology. It has a SmartChef app, a programmable digital controller with an integrated meat probe that will show you internal meat and cook temperature. To enhance your outdoor cooking, it will sync with any smart device you have.

It enables you to enjoy a simple smoking routine and consistently create delicious food. You can set it to alert you when your meal is entirely done and ready. Just sit, relax and enjoy some valuable time with your friends and family.

The great thing is that if you don’t want to dine at that moment, you can lower the temperature so that the meat can stay warm until you are ready to eat. It will also alert you every 45 minutes to replenish the supply of wood chips.


Its barrel-shaped enclosure, including its hinged, domed lid is 28 inches high. It includes a stainless-steel interior box that is 11 inches in diameter and a big enough cooking basket to fit and smoke 16 lb. of chicken. So, we must say that for a simple appliance, it is very capable.

Char-Broil Simple Smoker with SmartChef Technology

Because of its small capacity, you will need to cut the wrap of ribs if you want to fit it inside the smoking chamber. But, you must agree with us when we say that it has more than enough space for the smoker that is not large.

There were a few different smoking options available, because of its capacity. This product also has half shelves, so you can place the food and ensure evenly cooking.


The SmartCheff app includes some recipes with the instructions on how to prepare some particular meat. But, it only has a few of them for four categories of meat such as turkey, pork, chicken, and beef. Recipes for fish and vegetables are not included.

Flexible External Smoke Basket

Although you will need to refill the wood chip container every 45 minutes, that should not be a problem since it has an adjustable cooking box. This feature is a great thing because you will be able to remove it and place the chips during or before the smoking process.

The Benefits and Tips

‘’Meat is a good source of minerals like iron and is protein-rich as well. Beef and pork contain more fat that lean meats such as fish, chicken breast, turkey, venison or buffalo. There are fish species that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which is good for cardiovascular health and the nervous system. Consuming smoked meats in moderation should not pose much of a health risk. Moreover, smoking allows fat to drip off the meat, which greatly reduces its fat content.’’ according to Censa.

  • This electric smoker has a heating element of 750 watts that is featured on its side. It can maintain the optimal smoking temperature and alert you when the meal is ready.
  • The smart technology app is an excellent feature that will provide you to control the cook and meat temperature from a distance. You don’t need to check the meat every five minutes, just set it and forget it. It is an easy task, just attach the meat probe and connect to your controller.
  • The third benefit is that it will notify you every 45 minutes to replenish the supply of wood chips. Because it is a small unit, it has a little container that you need to fill more often.
  • Another benefit is its cooking area. Although it is a not a large product its cooking basket can contain about 16 lb. of delicious smoked turkey. We must admit it, that’s not bad at all.
  • The next advantage is its price. After some research, we realize that this product is one of the cheapest smokers on the market. For an affordable price, you will be surprised what features and benefits it has to offer.
  • The downside of this unit is that some users report issues with the app controller after multiple uses. Make sure that the router is near the appliance so it can connect better. Also, there are no trays which sometimes can make smoking more difficult.

The Conclusion

A Char-Broil Simple Smoker is an excellent option for anyone who wants to enter the world of these units. It is a very well put-together appliance with great features such as predictive completion tech, meat probe, and smart app controller. It will be an awesome accessory for your yard or front porch.