Brinkmann 810-7080-8 Gourmet Smoker and Grill Review

The Brinkmann Corporation which is one of the leading manufacturers of various cooking products like outdoor cookers and smokers has come up with yet another amazing product to decorate your kitchens. Brinkmann 810-7080-8 Gourmet Smoker and Grill is one among the most affordable smokers in the current market when at the same time offering almost all the features just like the high-end smokers. This is a UL-listed smoker which is weighing lighter in comparison with the other similar products in the market.


  • Material: Steel
  • Heating Element: 1500 Watts
  • Cooking Capacity: 50 lbs
  • Cooking area: 377 square inches
  • Max Temp: 275 degreeF
  • Dimensions: 17x 35x 17 inches
  • Weight: 31 lbs
  • Warranty: 1 year


The outer surface of this smoker has been finished in high gloss, red stove enamel. This smoker model comes with the dependable wooden handles which along with the light weight will aid you for easy transportation. The Brinkmann smoker and Grill is containing a front hinged door. There are two steel cooking grills which are chrome plated and are enclosed by domed lid. This smoker which comes with the size of 17 X 17 X 35 inches, this smoker can hold 50 pounds of cooking capacity. The water pan in this smoker model is made from porcelain-coated steel which will offer durability. Just like any other smoker such as Masterbuilt 20070210 30-Inch Electric Analog Smokeryou can literally set it and cannot forget it.

Notable Features

This UL-listed smoker has some notable features which makes this product to stand out from all other products in the current market.

  • Front Loading: As this smoker model is coming with the front hinged door, it will make it easier for you to load both the wood chips and water into the smoker.
  • Larger Cooking Space: The two chrome-plated cooking grills in this smoker model is covering an area of 377 square incheswhich offers you the enough cooking space for 18 burgers or a huge turkey to be occupied in each of the racks.
  • Vinyl Cover: This smoker model comes to you with the heavy-duty outdoor vinyl cover along with the loose fitting lid that is being placed at the top of the smoker unit. This feature will help you in maintaining the inside temperature to a larger extent.
  • Heating Element and Lava Rocks: This smoker model comes with the 1500-watt heating elementand lava rocks at the base. Hence, you can easily convert this smoker into a grill.
  • No Thermostat: You must note that this smoker model does not have variable temperature control and the temperature has been fixed to 225 degrees Fahrenheit. This means there is no necessity to monitor the temperature gauge every now and then.
  • Cool Smoking: As this smoker model is light-weighted and electric type, this is more likely to run on the cool side during cold weather. However, you must remember that cool smoking would take longer duration than hot smoking.
  • Height is Advantageous: This smoker model is 35 inches talland is perfect for any backyard patio or apartment balcony.
  • Converting to Electric Made Easy: Converting this smoker model into an electric grill is much easier with Brinkmann 810-7080-8In order to convert into an electric grill, you will have to simply detach the smoker’s removable base pan.
  • One-Year Warranty: This smoker model comes into your hands with one-year limited warranty from the manufacturer. Brinkmann Corporation is always known for its excellent customer service.


The full reviews reveals that this smoker model is more advantageous in comparison with the other similar products in the market. Some of the advantages of using this smoker model are as follows:

  • Cost-Effective Product: Within the price range of over $100, this smoker model will be the decent choice for your cooking purposes. At lower costs, this model contains almost all the features that come with the most popular brands in the market.
  • Dual Purpose Served: It is easier with this cooking equipment to convert and utilize as both the smoker and grill. Hence, it is again cost-effective to have this model which can serve your kitchen for multiple purposes.
  • Cool Smoking: In addition to all the above utilities, this smoker can also be utilized for the purposes of cool smoking.
  • Easy to Install: This smoker is easy to install. You will have to simply install the rack brackets, handles and doors. And, your smoker is ready to use.
  • Easy to Use: In general, this electric smoker is ideal for both the enthusiasts and also for the beginners since this model is comparatively easy to use.


There are few disadvantages with this smoker model.

  • There are possibilities for ash getting build up very fast over the lava rocks and later they may start to float. Hence, this smoker needs you to check the base regularly or you have to add wood chips into the smoker box.
  • Though, the absence of thermostat is advantageous, it will also be a burden to you sometimes. In order to reduce the temperature, you can open the door and leave it partially open.
  • This smoker model produces gobs of smoke. Hence, make sure you keep the smoker near an exhaust.
  • Also, there is no ventilation system. If you feel that smoke will fill your rooms, you can use it in outdoors only.

Customer Rating and Reviews

The impressive rating on Amazon proves that this smoker model is one of the amazing electric smokers in the current market. There are several numbers of positive reviews from customers which would give you the better understanding about its value and usage.

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With fewer disadvantages which could also be fixed by trying out alternative methods, Brinkmann 810-7080-8 Gourmet Smoker and Grill will serve as multi-purpose cooking equipment in your kitchens. You can very well take home your electric smoker without any hesitation today.