Best Wood Pellets For Smoking & Grilling for 2022

Finding the best wood pellets for smoking can be a challenging task. Regardless of the challenge, smokers most likely prefer using wood pellets for smoking because it makes the food more flavorful.

Using wood pellets for smoking adds convenience as you just need to set the timer and you can do other things. There are various types and brands of smoker wood pellets to choose from and each type can affect the taste of the food. Click here to buy Amazon Best Sellers in Grilling Wood Pellets

Best Wood Pellets For Smoking for 2019

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Brief History of Smoker Pellets

Before identifying the best smoker pellets, it makes sense to know first about its history.

It was in 1982 when the Americans were looking for affordable heating sources to cope with the oil crisis. The family of Joe Traeger, who owns a heating company in Oregon had started to experiment using wood pellets that are considered to be economical alternative. The wood pellets are byproducts from lumber mills.

Since Traeger brand is well known in the grilling industry, the company decided to integrate wood pellet technology into grills. This doesn’t only spare barbecue fans from carbonized food, but also makes food delicious.

Because of such innovation, the Traeger Grills was introduced in the market designed with auger wherein the smoker pellets are fed, and a blower that helps burn the pellets. New models of grills come with a thermostat in the cooking chamber that sends signal to the auger and fan when to start their functions.

Originally, the method of cooking using indirect heat is called grilling, but now it is rather called as smoking.

Top 5 best wood pellets reviews

Over the years, wood pellets have been used for various cooking process and even in generating industrial energy. These products vary depending on the different preferences and needs of people. If you don’t know about the species material and quality of the wood pellets, it would be a daunting task to choose the best wood pellets for smoking.

Here are some of the smoking pellets to choose from:

#1. Pit Boss BBQ Wood Pellets Competition Blend

Pit Boss BBQ Wood Pellets, 40 lb., Competition Blend (2)

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Developed by the company of the same name, the Pit Boss BBQ wood pellets are combination of hardwood in which 25% is cherry, 25% hickory, and 50% maple. The combination can create a sweet, tart, and savory flavored food.

The raw materials of this wood pellet is manufactured using a high quality compression process to reduce the moisture content while increasing its density.

The raw materials are of high quality as well as the manufacturing process. The Pit Boss BBQ wood pellets are ideal for higher temperature cooking.

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#2. Traeger Grills Hickory 100% All-Natural Hardwood Pellets

Traeger Grills Hickory 100% All-Natural Hardwood Pellets - Grill, Smoke, Bake, Roast, Braise, and BBQ (20 lb. Bag)

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Traeger is a popular brand of grills and smokers. That’s why it’s not a surprise if they became exceptionally famous for wood pellets.

There are different variants of Traeger wood pellets including hickory and maple.

The Traeger hickory wood pellets are perfect for longer cooking. The high quality hardwood ensures consistent and no-burn temperature.

Since it is 100% hardwood materials, it is ensured that there’s no oil and chemical additives.

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#3. Camp Chef Bag of Premium for Smoker

Camp Chef Bag of Premium for Smoker

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The Camp Chef Premium is a wood pellets made from pure hardwood. This means that there’s no biproducts and additives that’s why you can expect the best flavor that you desire. Using hardwood pellets spares you from cleaning up the ash, instead enjoy more time grilling.

This brand of wood pellets come with different flavors that would suit your cooking preferences. The pellets are kiln-dried virgin hardwood that’s why it does not only provide better flavor, but also more efficient smoking.

Likewise, it has ultra-low moisture content. Thus, many customers who have been using this product were satisfied and happy.

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#4. CookinPellets 40PM Perfect Mix Smoking Pellets

CookinPellets 40PM Perfect Mix Smoking Pellets

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This smoking pellets is a combination of four quality hardwoods including hard maple, cherry, apple, and hickory woods. It does not contain alder or oak materials and it has been one of most favored by many barbecue lovers.

Since it is made from 100% hardwood materials, it is expected that the moisture content is very low. It burns consistently and stable regardless of any cooking temperature. Smoking food using this smoking pellets enhances the flavor and aroma.

Customers who have been using this wood pellets were satisfied about it and they said that it works better for pulled pork that requires long smoke or brisket that needs very long smoke.

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#5. Louisiana Grills 55405 Competition Blend Pellets

Louisiana Grills 55405 Competition Blend Pellets, 40-Pound

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The Louisiana grill pellets are competition blend that burn cleaner and hotter as compared to other wood pellets.

The raw materials are from 100% natural hardwoods that’s why it creates fine-flavored foods. There are no artificial flavors or chemicals added to the pellets.

Using this hardwood smoker pellets would bring a smoky, woodsy flavor to your meat. The mesquite flavor of Louisiana Grills wood pellets is perfect if you want to cook fish on your BBQ day. It also enhances the natural flavor of chicken and beef.

What are the Benefits of Smoker Pellets

If you love smoked food, then you should not only own a grill, but you should also find the best wood pellets for smoking. Knowing the different brands of smoker pellets isn’t enough in making the right choice. You need also to know the benefits that you can enjoy from using it.

One of the benefits of using smoker pellets is that they don’t contain fillers and additives just like charcoal briquettes. That’s why they burn completely with less to no ash.


Finding the best smoker pellets would provide consistent and heat and enhance the flavor of the food without adding any wood chips.

Using pellets does not require most of your time, but you should pay attention and control the temperature. If the pellets are hotter, you can expect less smoke. With this, you will enjoy wide variety of flavors for your food depending on the flavor of the wood pellets that you have used.

Bottom Line

Finding the best wood pellets for smoking can be challenging, but it’s all worth it. Once you know the different brands and flavors of wood pellets, the next thing to do is know some factors that will help you make a good buying decision.

Before buying wood pellets, you should determine first if it is compatible with your grill. With this, it makes sense doing a little research by reading forums, user reviews and other platforms. Naturally, the wood pellet produces residual ash that’s why you should know the proper disposal of the ash.

You should also know the proper use of wood pellets. Keep in mind that it may enhance the flavor of the food, but if it is not used appropriately it will ruin the taste.