Best Rated Outdoor Built In Gas Grills of 2022

The debate over charcoal and gas when it comes to outdoor barbecue grilling constantly rages on. However, many have come to believe that operating a gas grill, especially in an outdoor setting, is preferable. While charcoal may lead to better flavor, a gas grill is much more convenient.

Gas grills usually use liquid propane gas as a fuel source. Because of this, it is easily to quickly start up your grill. Turn a knob or flick on the ignition and an adjustable heat source comes up. Instead of waiting for the charcoal to get going, those working a gas grill can get to work on barbecuing their food products that much faster. It is also easier to control the temperature on a gas grill. Also, a gas grill is far simpler to clean.

So on an outdoor day when it can get hot rather quickly, people would rather grill and cook their food and then sit back and relax without working too much of a sweat. While a gas grill may cost more, propane is less costly than charcoal over time, so things tend to even out even from a financial perspective.

When you are outdoors, you want to enjoy the atmosphere and the party. A built-in gas grill can get you through the cooking faster in order to do just that.

The following are five highly-rated outdoor built-in gas grill to look at.

Best Built-in Natural Gas Grill

Lion Premium Grills L75623 32

Lion Premium Grills L75623 32″ Natural Gas Grill

This built-in grill has top-notch stainless steel cooking grates and steel smoker head with polished edges. The Lion Premium Grills Natural Gas Grill looks nice when it is built in, but its performance is also highly regarded. Check price on Amazon.

The Lion product has 830 square inches in terms of a grilling area and also generates plenty of heat quickly (75,000 BTUs) through four cast steel burners. Though Lion is a smaller company in the grill market, this particular grill is well-built and doesn’t skimp on the details. Other features include two interior lights, an adjustable warming rack, a infrared rotisserie back burner, five large knobs, a smoker box, and a griddle with a remover that features a bottle opener.

Users of this grill are impressed with its firm build. It is durable and doesn’t require much initial maintenance. The heavy duty commercial style stainless steel makes it strong and the cooking grates are easy to clean and remove.

Top Built-In Natural Gas Grill

Weber Summit S-460 Built-In Natural Gas in Stainless Steel Grill

Weber Summit S-460 Built-In Natural Gas in Stainless Steel Grill

Built with stainless steel, this pricey built-in grill – WEBER Summit S-460 Built-In Natural Gas Grill has as many as six burners and can generate up to 48,800 BTU in a span of an hour. This Weber product is rated higher than some of their more powerful versions. Check price on Amazon.

While it is set up for a gas line, this grill provides sound quality in terms of food grilling. It can be rolled into its place instead of dropped in and has the same, solid performance as more expensive models. It can have high temperatures, but it is easy to assemble as well. It also has a clean, straightforward look.

Many like that it performs just as well as more expensive Weber models that may generate more heat. This Weber Summit grill provides close to the same quality at a smaller price.

Best Built In Natural Gas Grill for the Money

Sedona by Lynx 42

Sedona by Lynx 42″ Built In Grill Natural Gas & Propane with ProSear – L700PS – NG & L700PS – LP – (42″ Propane)

The Sedona by Lynx L700PS-NG Built-In ProSear Grill is a larger 42-inch built-in grill made of stainless steel that is of high quality. With 1,049 square inches of grilling space, it has a primary grilling area and a secondary one which includes a warming rack. Check price on Amazon.

The Lynx model can generate plenty of heat (69,000 BTUs) through two stainless steel burners and one ProSear burner. It has both a spark ignition and a battery backup if needed. There is controlled illumination in the form of blue LED lights over each control knob. A major bonus is the Lynx built-in grill and be installed either on a cart or on an island or even an outdoor kitchen.

The Lynx model is built to last, as observed by some owners, and is durable. It can be built-in to many different spaces and the company is usually well-known for good customer service.

Best 5-Burner Built-In Gas Grill


40″ 5-Burner Built-In Gas Grill with Rear Infrared Burner Gas Type: Natural

The Blaze 40-inch 5-Burner Built-in Natural Gas Grill has a rare infrared burner (of 10,000 BTU) to go along with its relatively large size. It also has five different burners which average 14,000 BTUs of cooking power for a total of 80,000 BTUs available. Check price on Amazon.

Among its features include a flame stabilizing grid put in to avoid unusual flare-ups, a push-and-turn ignition for a fast start as well as an alternation ignition option, removable warming rack, and durable cooking rods, In all, it has 915 square inches for a grill area, is durable, and has a double-lined grill hood which helps keep in heat.

There is a lifetime warranty for the cooking grids, the housing, and the burners. The valves also have a 15-year warranty and all the parts have a one-year warranty. Current users of this product like that each of the burner has its own lighter, allowing someone to cook different food products at the same time.

Best Rated Outdoor Built In Gas Grill

Fire Magic Echelon Diamond E660 Propane Gas Built In Grill With One Infrared Bur

Fire Magic Echelon Diamond E660 Propane Gas Built In Grill With One Infrared Bur

Though on the pricey side, Fire Magic products are considered strong and durable. However, the Fire Magic Echelon Diamond E660 Propane Gas Built In Grill is relatively light for its strong build. The hood cover is easy to pull open thanks to a spring assist. Check price on Amazon.

What stands out about this Fire Magic product is the quick ignition and the ease it heats up. Among its other features are stainless steel cooking grids, three infrared burners that can produce up to 78,000 BTUs, 660 square inches of grilling space, removable warming rack, recessed rotisserie back burners which produce more heat, and a wood chip drawer to add some smoky flavor if need be.

Many like its integrated zone-smart digital thermometer which keeps a close eye on the internal temperature. It even has halogen oven lights and back-lit safety knobs to allow for cooking at night.

So when you are looking for the best outdoor gas grill, there are a number of decent choices. These five should work out well for you so you can have fun cooking outside.