Best Rated Electric Smokers 2022

The reality of life is that many people don’t have time to sit and watch the heat production in a non-heat controlled smoker. This is why many manufacturers took to producing quality electrically powered smokers in order to take some of the stress out of making delicious smoked meats and vegetables.

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Some people will remark that electric smokers to do not perform as well but that is just a myth as the process for producing smoked meats is the same, only the heat source is changed. Thus, if you enjoy smoked meats, an electric smoker is perfect for you and the time constraints under which you might labor.

The Myth

Everything from light beer to vehicles has its purists who make claims to justify their position, one way or another. However, reality is often different. When it comes to smokers, the heat source adds little if anything other than heat to the process. Even charcoal smokers do not produce enough excess smoke to make the process dissimilar. Thus, the myth that electric smokers do not smoke as well as others is just that a myth.

What is not a myth, is that electric smokers offer more control over the heat than a charcoal smoker. Digital smokers use this to their advantage by not only regulating the smoke production as well as the heat but they are able to self-adjust to produce exacting quality, time and time again with little variance if desired. They can also increase or decrease the heat based on the internal temperature of the meat and thus ensure the meat is properly cooked all the way through. This can be accomplished without operator intrusion and thereby make it easier for the person preparing the food as they don’t have to sit there are watch the temperature at all time. Overall, electric smokers are a great way to get quality smoked meats that will melt in your mouth.

5 Great Electric Smokers

Top Rated Electric Smoker with Viewing Window

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If you’re new to smoking and want to get a good start, then the Landmann USA Smoky Mountain Series Smoker is the smoker to consider. It has a three in one system that stores water, wood chips and catches grease, to make it easier to clean and handle. The temperature controller allows for exacting control over the heat so you can sit back and relax.

The large window in the front allows you to check the progress without losing any heat and this model is robust enough to handle years of service. Those that use this model love the large window in the front and how easy this model is to use.

Best Electric Smoker for the Price

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Packed with a powerful heating element of 1500W, this smoker – Smoke Hollow Model #30162EW Smoker can easily handle large hams and cuts of meat. It has plenty of room for a wide range of options including sausage and jerky. It also has a front window, to allow you to check the food without losing heat and it has a temperature control system with a front-mounted temperature gauge to help you get everything just right.

It has a double wall construction for better heat retention and when considered with the heating element, it has an excellent balance of all the right characteristics for getting the food just right. Those that have this model love how great the results and how well this model creates and stores heat.

Best Digital Electric Smoker

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Easy to use, this model – Char-Broil Deluxe Series Digital Smoker could almost be called the lazy man’s smoker. This is an all digital smoker with internal temperature probe connected to a digital LED readout on the top that makes it a breeze to keep track of your progress. Side mounted drawer and large glass window also help and the double walled construction helps to keep the heat in.

It has plenty of room for most meat sizes and the unit is also attractive as it sits in your backyard supplying great tasting food. Those that use this model really like how well it performs and how well made this model is for their cooking needs.

Bestselling Outdoor Smoker

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Designed for all skill levels, this smoker – Masterbuilt Model #20070910 Smoker offers you plenty of room for making your favorite smoked meats. It has multiple racks and it has a superior heat rating. While it does not have a glass window, it has better heat retention than others for that same reason so you get a more exacting heat performance overall.

The side loading for the wood chips is also a huge benefit as this means you don’t lose heat when helping to increase the smoke. It is also easy to clean and care for which makes this a great smoker to have. Those that use this smoker remark about how easy it is to care and clean and how great everything tastes.

Best Rated Electric Smoker

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This smoker – Bradley Smokers Original Series Smoker is a lot different from the others in that it uses a pre-designed and pressed “pellet” or “wood patty” to produce the smoke. This allows for automatic feeding to keep the smoke level just right and when combined with the electric heating element, you get an exacting performance for both smoke and heat that allows your meat to fall off the bone.

It has a heavy duty construction that will allow for years of service and the model is easy to operate as well. Those that use this model speak very highly of the ability to auto feed for better smoke production.

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To get the most from your new smoker, be sure to read and follow all care and operating instructions.