Best Propane Gas Smoker Reviews 2022

Propane Gas Smokers made for people like you and me who enjoy the simpler things in life. They give you the simplicity of setting it and forgetting it and give your food a yummy flavor. All this you can get on a modest budget and the best way is with gas.

Why Should You Buy a Propane Gas Smoker?

Propane Gas Smokers made for people like you and me who enjoy the simpler things in life. They give you the simplicity of setting it and forgetting it and give your food a yummy flavor. All this you can get on a modest budget and the best way is with gas.

Compared to the electric smokers, gas fueled smokers are easy to use and produce loads of clean heat. Some of the most popular barbecue restaurants utilize large gassers as the smoked flavor comes from wood pellets, chips, or chunks they use.

There are smokers available that are only gas friendly and require no additional fuel. The most popular gas smokers are the cabinet styles ones and you can buy them with one or two doors. At the bottom of the smoker, you have a burner that is normally made of cast aluminum or brass making them durable and easy to operate.

You can also get numerous jets included and above the burner, you will have a pan for the wood and a water pan. Some of these gas smokers have up to four shelves for food items and you can find vents placed at the bottom of the smoker. These vents make sure that there is enough oxygen coming through. At the top, you may find that the manufacturer placed a chimney or a damper.

It is always best to leave the top vent open as it prevents the buildup of soot, as you do not want this ending up on your meat. The propane gas smoker’s temperatures are easier to control as it does not require electricity or pellets and they are portable.

Propane gas smokers give your food scrumptious textures and when the gasses combine with the moisture and wood smoke the aroma is out of this world and reminds you of bacon in the air. If you want to buy yourself a smoker and not sure, which one is right for you, check our propane gas smoker reviews out!

The Four Best Propane Gas Smokers Reviews

The MasterBuilt Potable Gas Smoker – A Small Family Propane Gas Smoker

Masterbuilt 20050116 Portable Gas Smoker

The MasterBuilt Potable Gas Smoker is so small you can even take it with you on camping trips. The portable smoker gives you enough inside space for cooking ham, a slab or ribs, and even turkey.

If you have limited space this is one of the best propane gas smokers to own. You can buy them in two different colors stainless steel and black.

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Exceptional Portability

The Portable smoker has two 6-inch collapsible legs that fold away. This makes the appliance easy to pack away and great to take with you when on road trips. It has two smoking racks with a temperature gauge in the door that is easy-to-read.

Operates On

The MasterBuilt Portable Gas Smoker works with 1 lb. propane tank and you can buy an adapter to work with a 20 lb. gas tank. It has a 5,000 BTU stainless steel burner, a removable wood chip tray and water pan included. The complete unit measures 15.9 x 23.6 x 23.2-inches and weighs 22.2lbs.

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  • You still need to control the temperature
  • You need to open the door to check the flame
  • Has no drip pan and best to place a cardboard or some newspaper under the box

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  • It holds temperature well depending the sun, wind and more
  • Uses one canister for cooking 9-hours that is not bad and best to make sure that you buy an extra canister
  • It maintains low temperatures well
  • Can get up to 225° F
  • Easy to transport with the fold away legs
  • Has enough space to put a full sized port roast in
  • Easy to assemble
  • The box is easy to fill with wood
  • Easy to clean
  • Includes a 90-day warranty

The Dyna-Glo 36-inch Vertical LP Gas Smoker – A Medium Vertical LP Gas Smoker

Dyna-Glo DGY784BDP 36

The Dyna-Glo 36-inch Vertical LP Gas Smoker has a double door design that is great to manage for the wood and water pans.

The interior gives you 784 square inches of food preparation space supported by four wire racks made of steel. These racks are adjustable so that you can set them at different heights.

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The Design

The Dyna-Glo DGY784BDP has a 15,000 BTU burner made with durable cast iron and has a electronic push button igniter. You can expect fast heat from the time you ignite it with this standout feature. They made the wood box out of porcelain enamel steel and it has handles included with a lid. Even the water bowls made from porcelain. It has a damper at the top to help distribute heat with a built-in stainless steel thermometer.

Works With

You get the hose and regulator included but you will have to buy the 20lb LP gas canister separately. The complete unit measures 27 x 19.2 x 46.5-inches and weighs 54 pounds making it a hefty unit compared to our smaller model.

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  • No major complaints only one client who did not receive one of the racks luckily Dyna-Glo has an excellent customer service and sent one out immediately
  • Not insulated

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  • The two door design is superb
  • Maintains heat well
  • The temperature is easy to control
  • The meat is kept moist with the water pan
  • The chip box and water pans big enough and clients recommend using chainsaw chip you wet with water, beer or wine
  • Has enough interior space to place different types of food
  • You get a full year of no care and fuss as it includes a 12-month warranty
  • The wood chip box has handles and a lid
  • Keeps the heat constant as high as 225° that is excellent for a smoker without insulation

The MasterBuilt 44-inch Propane Smoker – The Larger Family Gas Smoker

Masterbuilt 20050614 Propane Smoker, 44-Inch, Black

Do you have a larger family or enjoy entertaining then you will be pleased with the MasterBuilt 44-inch Propane Smoker.

This unit is a workhorse and has plenty of room to enjoy smoking some great food. It has a removable water pan and on the front door, there is a thermostat with a viewing window.

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Superior Design

With the two-door design and viewing window, this unit has powerful propane power. Now you can sit back and watch your food smoking through the easy-to-see-door. The smokers made from durable steel and have two 8,250 BTU stainless steel burners. Included with your purchase you get four smoking racks, a regulator, hose, porcelain-coated wood chip tray, and water pan. The complete unit measures 56.02 x 22.75 x 30.7-inches and weighs in at 89.28 lbs.

Plenty of Smoking Space

For big families and loads of entertaining the MasterBuilt 44-inch smoker is one of the best propane gas smokers to have. It has 2,000 square inches of space in the chamber for cooking. You have a separate door to add the wood chips and water. Therefore, there is no need of opening the door as your food is smoking with delicious flavors. Some other standout features are the door thermostat and adjustable damper.

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  • Minor complaints about the wood chip box that causes the wood to catch fire, recommendation is to place an 8-inch iron skillet over it
  • Minor complaints that the temperature gauge is not accurate, recommendation to fix this problem place a digital thermometer and stick it into the leg of the turkey or chicken with a wire that runs out the cabinet door and make us of the same type of thermometer to monitor the temperature of the cabinet

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  • Easy to assemble
  • The window to monitor the food is superb
  • Excellent customer service
  • Gives your food a great smoky flavor
  • Takes a lot less work to keep the smoker working as you do not need to keep stoking a fire
  • Has enough cooking space in smoking chamber
  • Best value for money
  • Includes a 90-day warranty
  • The door latch is adjustable to prevent too much smoke from escaping

The Masterbuilt 30 inch propane smoker – Value Smoker

Masterbuilt 20051311 GS30D 2-Door Propane Smoker

For the best way to cook outdoors the Masterbuilt 30 inch propane smoker is terrific! When it comes to value, it has received the best propane gas smoker reviews online.

This specific model is one of the smaller models available in the range and is an 30-inch smoker. You can enjoy some low and slow cooking in this model.

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The Marvelous Design

When you buy the Masterbuilt 30 inch propane smoker, you get a steel wood chip tray and a water pan for the best-infused flavors.The locking door with built-in temperature gauge and cool touch wire handle are great features to have as it helps to control the inside of the chamber keeping the temperature controlled, while stops you burning your hands. The smoking racks you can adjust and you receive four smoking racks.

Easy to Clean

For ease of cleaning, you can remove the four racks. The burner drums can be cleaned easily aswell. The unit measures 21.4 x 21.1 x 43.5 inches and it weighs 58.43 lbs.


  • The water pan is tiny
  • Can go trough wood chips fast

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  • Great temperature control with the propane
  • Great capacity for meat
  • Adjustable grates
  • Temperature gauge is dead on accurate
  • Very sturdy
  • Low price
  • Has a convenient push-button ignition
  • And it includes a 90-day warranty

Things You Need To Consider When Buying a Propane Gas Smoker

Propane gas smokers, in general, have a cabinet-style design. They all have a gas burner that connects to different propane tanks or even a natural gas line. On the other hand, you can buy a conversion kit  to use natural gas lines if preferred.  However, there are important things you need to consider when buying your propane gas smoker.

How Much Are You Willing To Spend

This is an important question and all depends on what you can afford. The gas smokers in our reviews vary in price according to their features and the material used to construct the unit. You can buy smokers that start in the price range of $50 and you can end up buying one that costs you thousands. Establish your budget as both the cheap and high-end gas smokers make excellent food it is only the added features included that makes the price go up. When you buy the Masterbuilt 30 inch propane smoker, you get the best value for your money. This smoker comes highly recommended by customers who have bought it.

Does Size Count

If you are planning to buy the MasterBuilt Potable Gas Smoker, it can produce enough food for your small to average family. The other great thing is that this model is portable enough to take with you anywhere. While the MasterBuilt 44-inch Propane Smoker is big enough to cater for a large family and a party. You need to consider how much food you are planning to make. If you only plan on smoking food over weekends, a small unit is suitable. While the larger ones are more, appropriate for big family gatherings or catering businesses. Another important thing to consider is the measurements of the smoker. You do not want a large gas smoker that does not fit on your apartment balcony. Therefore, size does matter!

How Easy Is the Propane Smoker to Use?

The ease of using your propane smoker is important as you can buy different models giving you a variety of uses when smoking food. How easy is it to add fuel to the smoker, does it have a single door or a double door. With the double door, you have the wood chip box at the bottom of the cooking chamber. This allows you to open a separate door to add wood and there is no need of opening the chamber door. Does it have a drip tray? Can you remove the wood box to clean it? How many chimneys does it have? As you need to control these vents for airflow and heat? While others have great temperature control making sure that the food is cooked succulent  not leaving it under-cooked? All of these are important factors to take into consideration and best to find out is by reading the propane gas smoker reviews available online.

The Quality of the Product

Here the material used to make the smokers important. Manufacturers use different materials when it comes to making propane smokers. Some smokers have heavy metal designs as it distributes heat well and great for those cold days during winter. Does it have sturdy legs or wheels to move it around? Is the paint going to come off and cause the smoker to rust? If you happen to be a neat freak then rather not buy stainless steel ones as it shows dust, grease, dirt and more. Stainless steel is more expensive and provides less heat retention in some models. You want to spend your hard-earned money on a model that you know will last.

Easy Cleaning and High Maintenance Costs

You want to buy a propane gas smoker that is easy to keep clean and does not have high maintenance costs. The outside of the smoker will need cleaning but when it comes to the interior, you need something that is easy to clean. Here you need to look at some important features:

  • Does it have a removable wood chip box that you can easily remove to rid it of the ash
  • Does the water pan come out or does it have a drip pan you can remove
  • How is the interior of the smoker to keep clean normally a smoker that has a stainless steel interior is much more difficult to keep clean as it needs regular polishing
  • If it does have a black finish you can wipe it out after use and no one will notice if there is still some grease drippings inside
  • Are the racks removable that you can wash them after using the smoker
  • How many gas bottles do you need and can you replace the pipes and connections leading to the gas bottles

These are all important questions that you need to ask yourself before buying your gas smoker!

Warranty and Customer Service

Many times, you forget about the most important thing the warranty and customer service. If you ever happen to have a problem, you need a warranty to replace your item. If you have questions or concerns, you need a customer service standing by to take your call and help you solve your problem. MasterBuilt has an excellent service when it comes to replacing their products, especially if the smokers damaged in transit.

How to Use Your Propane Gas Smoker

Using your propane gas smoker is straightforward by following these simple steps:

  1. First, hook up the propane tank and open the valve by turning it clockwise only once and connect the included hose
  2. Open the wood chip door or smoker door depending on the model and remove the box and fill it with wood chips
  3. Remove the water tray it is normally above the wood box and line it with foil and fill it up with water and helps with the cleaning process. You can also fill the water pan with cider or beer giving your food a nice flavor
  4. It the smoker has an igniter turn the right knob on high and the left knob a few clicks as this will ignite the gas as it causes a spark. For smokers without the igniter open the door and light the burner by reading your user instructions made for that specific model. If the burner did not light, turn off the gas supply and let it clear before you attempt to light it again.
  5. If it has a controller set it to the desired temperature and preheat the smoker for up to 15 minutes by adjusting the chimney or vents
  6. Add the wood box and water tray
  7. Once the smoke starts pouring through the unit it’s time to add the meat and leave until the meat is tender
  8. Replenish the water and wood as needed
  9. Cooking time depends on the thickness of the meat and can vary
  10. Turn off your smoker by disconnecting the propane tank

How to Clean and Maintain Your Propane Gas Smoker

Your propane gas smoker needs a cleanup before you start smoking to help it perform well. Why this prevents yucky flavors from spoiling your food and once a year it needs a thorough clean out to keep it maintained to last long. Always remember that a dirt free grill is the best grill to smoke food.

Keep the Cooking Grates Clean:

  1. Before you start cooking make sure that the grates are super hot, close door and wait for 15-minutes or until the smoke subsides. The heat burns off grease and grime stuck to the grates. The best practice is to clean your grates after every use.
  2. Use a scraper and wire brush with hot water, and soap and start scrubbing them down, follow up with damp cloth and wipe them down and make sure that there are no bristles of the brush left behind.
  3. If you are able to flip the grates turn them over during cooking times as it helps to burn off excess junk.

Cleaning the Interior of the Chamber:

When you start to clean your propane gas smoker, make sure to remove all the internal parts that you can wash them off with a damp cloth. If the parts made from stainless steel, you can wash them with soapy warm water and leave to air dry. Make sure to clean out the vents or chimney by wiping them out with a damp cloth. Use your damp cloth and wipe out the interior leaving it to air dry. Here are some things you need to remember:

  • Never ever immerse your smoker into water the best way to clean it is with a damp cloth or towel
  • Never use chemical sprays on the inside of the smoker as they have a tendency to draw into parts of the unit and can contaminate your food
  • Always leave the black residue on the walls as it gives your food the best smokey taste
  • Never cover the racks with tinfoil as it seals the racks and will damage the unit

Propane Gas Smoker Safety

If you have decided on buying a propane gas smoker there are some things that you may need to look at and that is safety:

Things you must do:

  • Always keep your smoker and gas at least 10 feet away from your home the further it is the better.
  • Clean the grates regularly to prevent grease buildup.
  • Always check for gas leaks by taking a solution of ½ liquid soap and water by rubbing it on the connections and hoses. Turn the gas on with the smoker’s door open. If bubbles form there may be a leak in the hose or the connection needs tightening.
  • Keep a fire extinguisher nearby and make sure you know how to use it.

Things you should never do:

  • Never turn on the gas when the smoker’s doors closed as this causes a gas buildup on the inside of the unit. Once you light it and open the door, it can cause a fire explosion.
  • Preferably, do not use your gas smoker indoor as it can cause breathing problems as gas fumes are released and harmful to you, your family and pets

Some Helpful Tips When Using Your Gas Smoker

  • Always keep an extra propane tank handy, especially if you do not have an accurate propane gauge.
  • Before using your smoker for the first time always do a dry run by coating the inside with oil (canola oil works well) and run it warm for a couple of hours. You do not need to add wood and test out the settings as if you are going to make your food making sure how the temperature works etc.
  • Cover the would as it helps to make it last longer – if there is no lid cover the pan with foil and make holes in the top.
  • Soak the chips in hot water, whiskey, beer, wine or any other type of flavoring – the chips will last longer. The stronger the liquid is the less time the chips need to soak.
  • You can replace the wood pan a thin metal pan as it helps the wood start smoking instantly


I hope that my selection of propane gas smokers help you to make an informative decision when you want to buy one. Always follow the safety rules set out in your models manual when using gas. With the propane gas smoker reviews, you will be able to differentiate between some of the best models available on the market, finding one that suits your needs. If you are planning to go on regular camping trips and enjoy having some smoked food the MasterBuilt Portable Gas Smoker comes highly recommended. For the large family, the Dyna-Glo 36-inch Vertical LP Gas Smoker andMasterBuilt 44-inch Propane Smokerare great to dish up loads of food. While the Masterbuilt 30 inch propane smoker gives you great value and is easy to keep clean. Check out some of my other smokers that you may like and decide if you prefer to use the electric, gas or pellet one !