What are the Best Natural Gas Grills for 2022?

The use of natural gas grills is exploding, and with good reason. Natural gas offers the same advantages of propane but it is typically less expensive and can easily be tied into the residential supply. Meaning no more running to the store to exchange bottles and it is ready when you are.

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While it is technically true that Natural gas contains less BTU content than propane, the difference is minor indeed, to the tune of about 15 percent difference. This has no practical effect on grilling and with the advantages in place, has not slowed the adoption of natural gas as a preferred fuel of choice

Going All Natural

While propane is a derivative of natural gas, NG is mostly methane with small amounts of propane, propene, and other chemical gasses. It combust completely and does not leave a residue from the combustion process. This aspect is considered an advantage because there are no chemical by-products that can infuse with your food, like that of charcoal. Thus not only is it cleaner but safer for you to use with delicate flavors. Of course, the no combustion by-product means easier cleaning as well.

One of the biggest advantages is convenience. Since it is piped from the residential supply to the home, there is no having to stop, go to the store, exchange or refill bottles, return and get to grilling. It is just essentially light and go. There are also less parts to a Natural Gas grill, as there is no need for a regulator. In effect, all the advantages that keep Natural Gas as a fuel for your home is the same for your grill. Natural Gas grills tend to be slightly more expensive than propane grills but this is usually because, pound for pound, the NG grills are larger with more cooking surface.

5 Great Natural Gas Grills

Best Stainless Natural Gas Grill under $500

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This powder coated, black and stainless grill – Dyna-Glo Black & Stainless Series Grill offers four large tube style burners for even heating and a side sear burner for getting it just right. Producing over 60K BTU of heat capacity, this grill has dual, porcelain coated, cast iron grates for superior heat distribution.

This grill is also equipped with multiple heat tents for even cooking and the lid has a built in accurate temperature gauge. This grill also has a generous storage space in the low deck with two large cabinet style doors. People who purchased this grill love the excellent heating and quality results from this grill.

Best Natural Gas Grill under $800

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Almost no list concerning grills is complete without a Weber grill, as a leading manufacturer of grills and grilling accessories, it is easy to see why. This grill – Weber Genesis Model #6611001 Grill has all the features one would expect from a Weber. Three stainless steel burners producing over 38K of BTU heating and a front control panel that is easy to read and adjust.

The grates are cast iron with a porcelain coating for superior heat distribution and the lower deck offers plenty of room for storage. People who have this grill love the solid construction and the excellent heating capabilities and how even the

Top Rated Natural Gas Grill

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This is essentially a grilling station. The main cabinet of the Broil King Model #923587 Grill offers over 800 cubic inches of grilling space and the five burners produce over 50K of BTU heat. The body is all stainless steel and the grill comes with flavorizers and more. The burners are protected by a 10 year warranty and the lower casters will adjust to allow grilling on uneven surfaces.

The grates are cast iron for excellent heat distribution and the grill is easy to clean overall. The lower cabinet has dual doors that open to plenty of storage space. People who purchased this grill love the easy clean up and wide cooking space.

Premium Drop in NG Grill

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Different from other models in the list, the Bull Outdoor Products Model #69009 Grill is a built in, grill head for static grilling. The body is all, heavy duty stainless steel for longevity and looks.

There are three stainless steel burners that produce over 40K BTU of heat and all three are electrically ignited for easy use. The lid has a built in temperature gauge that is both accurate and easy to read at a glance. People who have this grill love the fast and even heating and the heavy duty construction.

High End Professional NG Grill

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The Blaze Professional Series 3-burner Model Grill is a top of the line premium grill that will last for a lifetime. It is backed by a lifetime warranty. The superior constructed, cast stainless burners have a unique design that produces even heating. The grill also has zone separators for multiple zone cooking and the stabilizers help prevent flare ups.

The body is of a heavy duty construction and the knobs are also heavy duty with LED lights to allow for accurate settings. This is a grill that can be used for professional grilling or for normal residential grilling. People who have this grill love the looks and the quality construction.

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Grilling can be a fun pastime and safe as long as you practice safety first. Do no grill on an uneven surface and always read the included manual for the best results.

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For longevity, always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for cleaning. Finally, always protect your grill with a cover to keep it out of the elements.