Best Natural Gas Grill under $3000

While not always a smooth road, natural gas has been a stable fuel source for cooking around the globe for generations. It burns clean, lights fast and it is a prime fuel source for cooking among the culinary greats. While propane has been the fuel source of choice for outdoor cooking along with charcoal, natural gas grills are becoming increasingly available in American backyard.

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Previously, most built in grills had natural gas connections but for the last several decades that mobile grills have come into vogue, with the main motivator being convenience. There is little doubt that natural gas makes an excellent fuel source for grills.

Why Natural Gas

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A big difference between propane and natural gas is the characteristics that give each gas its own advantages. Propane is a by product of natural gas processing and has the characteristic of instantly vaporizing at nominal pressures. This means it can be compressed to a liquid for easy transportation and be ready as a gas as soon as it leave the container. This is why it has been a great fuel for portable stoves and grills.

On the other hand, natural gas stays in a gaseous form through transportation unless it is super cooled to a liquid state. This makes transportation via other than pipeline expensive and complicated. However, in many places natural gas is plumbed to the home for residential use and this is where having a natural gas grill comes into play.

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By taking advantage of the fact that natural gas is plumbed to the home, the fast and easy usable gas can be connected via a quick connect set up to the residential supply and thus the backyard chef has access to a convenient fuel source. No need to check the gas bottle levels. No need to go to the store to get more gas, it is just light and cook, no waiting. Like propane, natural gas burns clean meaning less emissions for the environment but at the same time meaning there are no harsh chemicals that can deposit on the food. Thus making it an excellent and safe fuel source for grilling.

Five Top Class Natural Gas Grills Under $3,000 Dollars

Top Rated Natural Gas Grill

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Weber is a leading manufacturer of grills and grilling accessories and the Summit Series represents par of the top of the line grills made by Weber. This six main burner grill – Weber Summit Series Model #7471001 Natural Gas Grill produces over 60,000 BTU of heat per hour and has an additional side burner, smoker burner, rear rotisserie burner and a sear burner.

All burners are push button ignited and there is plenty of workspace with the side shelves. It has a full enclosed lower deck and comes with a grill light, accessory hooks and much much more. This is an great grill for any size home.

High End Stainless Steel Grill

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With five main burners producing over 60,000 BTU of heat per hour and with over 900 square inches of cooking space, there is plenty of power and room to cook for the entire baseball team. This grill – Vermont Castings 5 Burner Natural Gas Grill has a side burner and a rotisserie burner and all are push button ignited for easy startups. The grill is made of heavy duty stainless steel and will not rust or corrode.

The lower cart is fully enclosed and offers plenty of storage space. The grill is equipped with LED lighting including a LED grill light to work in dark conditions. This is an great grill for cooking for a large family or the whole team.

Best Natural Gas In-Ground Post Grill

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While not as popular as they once were, post grills are making a comeback thanks to natural gas. This stainless steel post grill – Solaire Bolted Post Natural Gas Grill has over 500 square inches of cooking space and uses dual infrared burners to seal in the juices and help make meat tender and just plain awesome.

In addition, the cooking grates have a V design that helps reduce flare ups and makes sure the heat gets to the meat as intended to further make the grilling experience superb. This is a great backyard grill and people will marvel and this wonderful grill.

Best In-Ground Post Mount Grill

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Using specially designed E shaped burners producing over 50,000 BTU of heat per hour, this LED controlled, front knob burner control, in ground post grill produces excellent grilled results. This grill – Aurora Model #A430s1E1NG6 In Ground Post NG Grill has flavor racks that enhance the grilled flavor.

Best Natural Gas Grill under $3000

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This fire tested, CSA certified grill, has over 75,000 BTU an hour of heat production on the five main burners. In addition, the Bull Outdoor Products Model #55001 Natural Gas Grill has one infrared back burner for an additional 15,000 BTU. The all stainless steel construction includes a double walled lid for heat retention and all burners are push button ignited.

It has an internal lighting system so you can see in the dark or low light conditions to make sure the food is correct. The lower cart is fully enclosed and has double stainless steel cabinet doors. This grill is a superior looking, superb grill for producing awesome grilled meats and seafood. This grill is great for any size home and will offer decades of service and delicious meals.

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All grills produce heat as their primary function, therefore it is important to never operate a grill on an uneven surface to prevent tipping. Also, never allow flammable materials within five feet of a hot or cooling grill. To protect your investment, when the grill is no in use be sure to use a cover to protect from the elements.

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To further protect your grill, be sure to read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions concerning cleaning for your specific model grill. Grills can offer a lifetime time of tantalizing food and thus it is important to make sure your grill is properly cleaned and ready for use.