Best Kamado Charcoal Grills in 2022

While there is certainly something to be said for traditional grilling style, as we become more health conscious as a society, the traditional methods do not always reign supreme.

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Traditional barbecuing with the kettle or barrel style grills produce great grilling results but do not always have the versatility to meet the demands of a modern palate. This is where the non traditional style grill comes into its own, as a versatile, robust grilling opportunity that can smoke, grill, roast, and bake, with more efficiency than traditional grills. One popular non traditional grill on the rise, is the Kamado style grill.

Kamado Cooking, The Backyard Egg

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The word Kamado, is the Japanese word of cooking stove or cooking range. For over 3,000 years, Asia has pioneered the art of cooking and grilling in a ceramic vessel, using charcoal or wood as a fuel source. Modern Kamado grills are typically ceramic vessels inside a steel or porcelain coated, steel vessel that has excellent heat production, retention and distribution properties.

Kamado grills offers the ability to produce a wide range of temperatures and precisely control the temperature as opposed to the somewhat ad hoc method found in a traditional grill. This is because the shape helps contour the heat profile allowing air intake at the bottom and directing it via a smaller surface area into the charcoal and thus producing more heat. This heat is further controlled by vents located near the top to control the flow of any heat flowing upwards, allow the heat to be contained if necessary.

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Thus, most modern Kamado grills are egg shaped and hence are sometimes referred to as the “backyard egg.” Kamado cooking and grilling is easy but it does require slightly different techniques as the cooking requires a closed lid. What the Kamado grill offers is versatility, excellent results and the great fact that it is environmentally friendly, as the recommended fuel source is all natural, lump charcoal. Below are five great Kamado grills, that will offer years of great tasting food.

5 of the Best Kamado Grills

Best Charcoal Barbecue Grill/Smoker

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This double steel wall constructed Kamado cooker has over 300 square inches of cooking space. The Char-Griller Model #06620 Kamado Cooker has a built in temperature gauge for heat monitoring and the lower dampener is indexed for precise airflow management. It also has an easy to clean ash pan and the grates are stainless steel.

While not a ceramic cooker specifically, the porcelain coated steel offers a similar heat retention. The lower cart is wheeled and has two side shelves for easy storage. This is a great starter Kamado grill, and would be at home in any backyard.

Top Ceramic Kamado Charcoal Smoker/Grill

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Kamado grill – Infinity Series by Grill Dome does not come with a stand, as it is capable of standing upright by itself. It comes in multiple colors and three sizes, depending on the desired size. There is small, large and extra large with a large being the size for a four person family.

This uses the traditional, ceramic interior and exterior and will not rust or fade. The internal grates are stainless steel and this grill comes with a lifetime warranty. For anyone who is serious about Kamado grilling, this is a great grill.

Best All-in-One Kamado Round Grill

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This all in one, Kamado grill is a heavy, ceramic grill that offers superb heat retention, distribution and production. The Primo Grills Model #773 All in One Kamado Cooker has steel grates and both a upper vent and a lower dampener. The cart comes with two side shelves and for mobility, lockable casters.

This grill can grill, bbq, bake, roast and more and makes efficient use of charcoal for less fuel. Overall, a great Kamado grill that comes with a 20 year warranty, which is better than most steel grills.

Best Kamado Charcoal Grill to Buy

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A unique Kamado grill, in that each exterior finish is handcrafted and different. This fully ceramic Kamado grill has 5.5 millimeter, stainless steel grates and comes with an ash rake for removing ash. In addition, the Bayou Classic Cypress Series Kamado Grill comes with cool to the touch handles and a stainless steel, temperature gauge for heat monitoring.

The cart has a small bottom shelf, two side shelves with hooks for accessories and lockable casters for mobility and to prevent tipping. This is a Kamado grill for those who want to add a unique character to their backyard and cooking.

Best Kamado BBQ Grill

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There is very little this grill cannot do. The special, ceramic design and construction produces a cool to the touch outer wall while promoting superior heat production and retention. The lower dampeners of the Vision Grills Kamado Grill and Cooker are dual controlled and calibrated to help produce temperatures between 200 and 700 degrees. The construction also allows for grilling and baking, even in cold weather below 30 degrees outdoors.

The cart is also designed to prevent tipping and has two side shelves and lockable casters for mobility and safety. This is an excellent grill for those who want to embrace Kamado cooking at its finest.

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Kamado grills differ from traditional grilling and therefore it is imperative that the owners manual be read and followed. Be sure to follow the cleaning instructions closely to protect the grill and always use a cover to protect the grill from the elements.

Never allow flammable material within five feet of a hot or cooling grill and never operate on an uneven surface, even with lockable

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