What’s the best internal temp for Smoked Brisket?

If you are planning to smoke a brisket, I bet you have done some bit of research about the best dry hub, marinade and of course the best smoking wood flavor. All these things make smoking brisket a wonderful experience. If you want to smoke brisket, you need to have all the necessary equipment and of course the right knowledge. You need to know more about the temperature by which you smoke the brisket.

The temperature by which you smoke the brisket may vary depending on the size and the fatness of the brisket. Brisket can range between 5-15 pounds. This means that the cook time may vary considerably.

Smoker temperature of 12-18lbs should be 225 degrees F and the smoking time is between 10-12 hours. Finishes temperature should be 200 degrees F.

Brisket of 5-10lbs requires a smoker temp of 225 degrees F, a smoking time of 5-7 hours and finished temperature of 200 degrees F.

Digital thermometer

Most cooks would say that they know when a brisket is done just you looking. This is not true. The best thing is to have a digital temperature thermometer. This will help you read the internal temperature. This is actually one of the best ways to know is the brisket is fully cooked. All that is required is to just insert your thermometer into the thickest part of a quick reading of the internal temperature.

Tips for best smoked brisket temp


There are some smokers that come with thermometers that automatically stops cooking and switches to warming mode immediately the brisket has reached the set temperature. If you want to prevent brisket from drying out, it is good to remove it when the internal temp reads 195 degrees F.

Brisket needs slow and low smoker cooking if you want it to reach the best, ultimate and good texture. It is important to note that brisket requires 1 hour per pound at 220 degrees F. of course the time may vary depending on the smoker type, temp and size of the brisket.

The best secret to having a good brisket for smoking is to have a good piece of meat. Ensure you have the one that is tender and soft with enough fat to help the meat stay moist during the process. Find a piece that bends the most. The more it bends, the less the connectivity tissues. It is always good to have the piece of meat that bends the most.

The second step is to have the rub ready and massage it on your brisket. You can do this about 2-4 hours before the actual smoking. It is always good to rub the meat one day in advance before smoking. Rubbing involves doing it on the entire section of the brisket. Apply the rub on all parts of your meat. It is good to use a thinner layer on the fatty area. As soon as you’re done with rubbing, you can wrap the brisket with an aluminum foil and refrigerate it for about 24 hours.

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Remove the brisket from the refrigerator and allow it to stay for 1-2 hours before smoking it. This will help the meat to acclimate to room temperature. It is at this time that you can inject marinade into the brisket. If you’re using one of the digital smokers, you can set the internal temperature at 190 degrees F. when the temp reaches that point, the digital smoker stops and turns to warm mode.

Smoking briskets is a technique that started during the early times. It actually started during the pre-historic era. The purpose of this technique was to prolong the lifespan of the meat. It is actually one of the best preservation methods used during those times. Of course there was nothing like freezing or refrigeration.

Even to-date there are tribes and cultures that are still using smoking as a method of preservation, especially in Africa. However, nowadays in most of the developed countries, smoking is not a method of preservation but a method of improving the taste of the meat.

Below are the benefits of smoking

  • In urban areas, smoking is not a method of meat preservation. It is a method of adding taste and flavors to the meat.
  • Smoked meat will not only look delectable but also taste good
  • Smoking helps in burning the fats and eliminating bad smell. This makes the meat sweet and healthier for consumption
  • The meat becomes tenderer
  • Smoking allows you to put flavors and inject marinade to the meat. It is the modern way of improving the taste and quality of the meat.

For the smoking process to be a success, it is important to gather the material needed. Of course you need to have the meat, the best and tender piece of meat, an electric smoker, meat rub and sauce. Of course, the very first thing is to prepare the meat and rub it then refrigerate it for one day.

You will then need to expose it so as to defrost it to room temperature. When the brisket has deforested, you can choose to marinate it. Always do it with clean hands to avoid any microorganism getting into the meat.


Ensure all the equipment are there and everything is set. The temperature by which you smoke the meat means a lot to the final cook. You must check the temp and of course the internal temperature. You can check the internal temperature by just buying a digital thermometer.

A smoked brisket is one of the best and sweetest when smoked properly. It is good to follow instructions while you’re smoking a brisket. Having the best rub and the knowledge is the way to go. If you want to have a sweet and yummy brisket, just follow the instructions above. The temp at which you smoke it is very important. It is good to monitor the temp after every few hours. This will help you determine if the brisket has fully cooked. As soon as it hits 190-195 degrees F. The smoker switches of automatically to warming mode. The temperature used determines the final taste of your brisket. Ensure you follow all the temp instruction.