Best Grills under $250 in 2022

Want to have a true outdoor grilling experience, but budget constraints holding you back? With a number of models of grills from various manufacturers and brand names available in the market today, anybody can become a master chef. The grills come in a variety of price ranges, guaranteed to suit your budget.

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While shopping for the best grills under $250, figure out your basic requirements. There are plenty of grills to choose from, which can be a little confusing. Many low quality products in the market can make your cooking experience a disaster. Hence do a thorough research of the many options available to you before zeroing on to your choice.

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Buying a grill constructed completely of stainless steel is not a good idea because after exposed to the high heat from cooking, they tend to lose durability and are susceptible to corrosion. A porcelain coated steel construction would be ideal.

Make it a point to check each and every component separately to ensure proper fitting and quality of material used. Check for sturdy construction and ease of assembly. Select the grill best suited for your needs. Remember, large does not always mean better, as the quality of materials used at this price range may not be high.

A few of the best grills under $250 available are:

Weber 1401001 Performer Silver Charcoal Grill

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Founded in 1952, the Weber line of grill models is very famous throughout the world. So it is no surprise that their Weber 1401001 Performer Silver charcoal grill tops the list of the best grills under $250.

The bowl and the lid are constructed of porcelain enameled steel, painted in a stylish black color. It provides a generous 363 square inch cooking area, which is large enough to cook food for most gatherings. The cooking grate is made of plated steel for long grill life and also spreads and retains heat evenly for perfect cooking.

A rust resistant aluminum dampener helps in regulating the heat which can be monitored by the built in thermometer. Since this grill uses charcoal, the residual ash is easily removed from the base with the patented One-Touch aluminized steel cleaning system. The ash catcher can easily be removed for disposal of the removed ash.

Char-Broil Grill 2 Go Ice Real Tree Edition TRU Infrared Grill

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Char-Broil products are quite popular among BBQ fans. Their Char-Broil Grill 2 Go Ice gas grill is truly a dream product for those who wish to take their outdoor cooking a level higher. It is designed to provide maximum cooking area in the least possible space.

It is made of high quality durable materials which ensure long grill life while at the same time is easy to transport. It provides over 290 square inches of cooking area over enameled cast iron grates. It uses LP gas for cooking and has a powerful 10,500 BTU burner.

The built in igniter makes starting easy with the push of a button. It uses Char-Broil’s award winning TRU Infrared cooking system, which uses infrared heat to cook the food instead of the standard convection heat produced in other grills. It also has the unique facility of having 2 removable coolers which are stored underneath. This can be used to keep the pre-cooked food safe and ready for grilling.

Weber 522001 Q-140 Portable 189-Square-Inch Electric Grill

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Another great product from Weber is the Weber 522001 portable electric grill. Just plug the power cord and start grilling. The six foot long power cord is grounded and thus safe and easy to plug in. The electric grill uses a standard 120 volt outlet and is energy efficient.

The lid and body of the Q-140 are made of cast aluminum, which has a nylon frame that is glass reinforced. It provides a comfortable 189 square inches of cooking area over stainless steel cooking grates. The multiple heat control settings allow the 1560 watt output to cook a variety of food. An even temperature is maintained throughout due to the aluminum heat retention liner.

This product has an Amazon rating of 4.7 stars and also comes with a limited 5-year warranty making it one of the best grills under $250.

It has a compact design which hides a large cooking area. It provides 320 square inches of cooking area which uses the patented TRU Infrared cooking system, which lends a seared in favor and keeps food moist and juicy.

It has a long, grounded electric cord which can be easily connected to any standard 120 volt supply. This produces a grilling power of 1750 watts which can be controlled with a precision dial to get a wide range of temperature for a variety of cooking.

The body of the grill is made of porcelain coated steel which is well insulated to make it cool to the touch as well as easy to clean after use. The cooking grates are also porcelain coated for long grill life.

Char-Griller 1224 Smokin Pro 830 Square Inch Charcoal Grill

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The Char-Griller 1224 Smoking Pro grill is a great choice for grillers who also have a liking for smoked food in the traditional Texas-style. It uses charcoal for cooking and also has a side mounted smoker attachment with chimney.

The grill barrel and the smoke box are constructed of heavy grade powder coated steel which provides good sturdy service for many years. The main cooking area has 580 square inches which is large enough to cook food for medium to large sized gatherings, with an additional 250 square inches in the fire box. The cooking grates are made of non stick cast iron and spread the heat evenly for great cooking.

Since charcoal use can produce ash, a removable charcoal drawer makes adding more charcoal and removing ash easy. Additional features on this 4 star Amazon rated product are the side panel for food preparation, a storage rack and an inbuilt thermometer for temperature monitoring, making it one of the best grills under $250.

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