The Best Electric Smoker Under $500

If you’ve clicked on this article, then you’re here to find out the answer to this question: what is the best electric smoker under $500? If you need a smoker under 500 dollars, then you’re in luck- there are many different models and brands to choose from. In the following sections, we’ll go over a few that you might find favorable and discuss pertinent information on each one so that you can get the inside scoop on how they perform out in the real world.

Masterbuilt 20075315 Front Controller Smoker with Viewing Window and RF Remote Control, 40-Inch

Masterbuilt 20075315 Front Controller Smoker with Viewing Window and RF Remote Control, 40-Inch

The Masterbuilt 40 inch is your go to if you’re looking for the best quality and the best performance for a decent price. This smoker measures a total of 40 inches tall, making it quite large. There are four racks on the inside of the machine that allow you to cook a large variety of foods easily.

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There are also different sizes for the Masterbuilt smokers that you can check out, such as the 30 inch Masterbuilt smoker. The 30 inch is essentially the same as this one except that it doesn’t have the window on the front and it is a bit smaller. You can see more information about the 30 inch model on the product’s page.

The window that is mounted on the front of the smoking unit allows you to peel in on your food’s progress as it cooks without having to open it. As you might have noticed, you can cook a large variety of different foods inside of the smoker, but it might be a good idea to separate them while they’re still smoking. Also, keep in mind that different foods will require a different amount of time. The details of food preparation and cooking can be found on the product’s page as well.

The digital control panel and the remote makes using this machine easy. All you have to do is set the temperature and the time, and the rest will take care of itself. The remote can be kept at your side to allow you to see the temperature of the smoker, the internal temperature of the meat, and the time you have been using the smoker. This way, you won’t have to get up to check on the smoker every so often- the remote tells you for the most part what you want to know.

As with any smoker, you are going to want to make sure that you have a good amount of wood chips and extra wood chips. Electric smokers can not function without these, and lots of smokers do not include the wood chips. If you already have some that you would like to use, then you’re all set to cook. However, if you need some chips, then there are plenty to choose from that are very affordable.

When you’re choosing what wood chips you want to use, there are a few things you want to consider. It is important to choose the correct type of wood chips for the right food to maximize the flavor.

  1. Hickory- hickory chips are best used with meats, like steak, pork, poultry, and pretty much anything. Hickory chips have a mild flavor that work well with these foods.
  2. Alder- Alder chips would be great to use if you’re planning on cooking any kind of fish or other seafood.
  3. Mesquite- these chips are great when paired with beef. Keep in mind that this kind of chip has a strong aroma and flavor that could overpower lighter tasting meats like fish.
  4. Applewood- this kind is usually good for pork or for chicken. I haven’t used apple wood chips before, but I’ve been told that they work well with pork and chicken.

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Masterbuilt has a large array of different smokers that you can try out at your leisure, but in my opinion this is one of their best ones by far. You can get even more information on this one by checking out the link provided in the picture.

Jim Beam BTDS76JB Bradley Smoker 4-Rack Digital Outdoor Smoker

Jim Beam BTDS76JB Bradley Smoker 4-Rack Digital Outdoor Smoker

Here’s another great smoker for under 500 bucks- the Bradley digital four rack smoker. As suggested by the title, this machine has a total of four racks to smoke things on. The one thing I wish this model had is a widow like the Masterbuilt one that lets you see inside.

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There are a couple of neat additions to this one. As you may have noticed, the digital display box is off to the side, and there is also a large wood chip dispenser on the top of it. This dispenser allows you to easily add wood chips to the bottom of the device without having to put in too much effort. While this isn’t really an essential feature, it does make your life ever so slightly easier.

The unit is fully insulated, meaning that it will be a lot easier for you to smoke outdoors regardless of the current temperature. The all stainless steel interior is great for making it fast and simple to clean up after you’re done using it. It is important that you don’t use harsh chemicals on the interior of the smoker because these chemicals have a risk of potentially contaminating your food. A good alternative to using chemicals is to use a water and vinegar mixture to scrub the sides as needed. It is likely that you won’t have to clean very much anyway as you can burn away much of the extra drippings and grease.

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The smoker can go up to a maximum of 320 degrees F, and is smaller than the previous smoker. It measures about 31 inches tall and 17 by 14 inches for the base.

Masterbuilt 20077116 4-Rack Digital Electric Smoker with Leg Kit Cover and Gloves, 30″, Green

Masterbuilt 20077116 4-Rack Digital Electric Smoker with Leg Kit Cover and Gloves, 30

The final smoker on this list is another Masterbuilt smoker measuring a total of about 30 inches. It comes in a bright green color which is nice considering that most other ones come in that same silver color. The stand is pretty nice and give the whole thing just a little more added stability. The last thing you want is for your smoker to tip itself over, so this is a plus. It should be mentioned that kids and pets should be kept away from these machines at all times, especially if they like to run around and knock into everything.

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The product description claims that you can smoke up to about 80 lbs of food all at once. While you’re probably not going to use all of that space at the same time, having a little extra elbow room never hurts.

I hope I helped you get some good information on these affordable smokers! As always, you can check out each and every one by clicking on the pictures provided.