A Q&A with Steven Raichlen on Beer-Can Chicken Revised

Barbecue University™. I did not invent it—I figured out the system from the Bryce Boar Blazers—but am self-confident I assisted popularize beer-can chicken, which is now ready in backyards all about the country. Make that globe. As to the second part of your question—why now?—I imagined it was time to introduce a new technology of grillers to this joyful, whimsical way to cook hen. Also, the Instagram technology expects colourful graphics, and will take pleasure in the addition to the redesigned manuscript with inspiring and illustrative color shots!

What can make beer-can hen exclusive?

I really do not consider I’m overstating it: beer-can hen is irresistible. It is theater. Grilling a complete chicken upright—even in an…ahem…indecorous position—allows the bird to prepare dinner evenly on the front and back again. The body fat drains off, leaving the skin crackling crisp and the meat extremely moist. Ideally, the rooster will be cooked with wooden smoke. (However you can totally cook a beer-can hen in your oven.) It is an option for hilarity, for a bit of culinary pleasurable. And a pox on the haters.

Beer-Can Chicken Revised

Truthfully, can you taste the beer?

During the development of the e book, I experimented with several birds, liquids, and seasonings. Yes, I’ve utilised almost everything from beer to wine to soda to fruit juices. If it is discernible at all, the flavors from the liquids will be subtle. (My secure beer-can chicken roaster makes it less difficult to interchange liquids.) I heartily advise drinking a beer or two though the hen cooks. Then you’ll have a hoppy, malty get started on issues.

What else is in the ebook?

Beer-can rooster is just the commence! See many intercontinental variants. You’ll also obtain numerous offbeat recipes, like directions for turkey, quail, and other birds, wonderful barbecue rubs and sauces, “stoned” chickens, “caviar” on the coals, pepper soup on the grill, hash on the 50 % shell, and numerous more attractive recipes, together with some for desserts.

Beer-Can Chicken Revised

Here’s a query we typically get: Is beer can hen harmless to take in, or is there migration involving the can (or graphics on the can)?

Certainly, beer-can chicken is 100 per cent safe and sound. The cans are embellished with edible ink I experienced this tested in a lab. Once more, if you have any issues, use my stainless metal chicken roaster.

What’s future for Steven Raichlen?

I have been working on a new e-book devoted to grilling on flat-leading griddles and planchas. Smash burgers are just the starting! Glance for its launch in May possibly, 2025.

Beer-Can Chicken Revised

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