7 Best Wood Chips for Electric Smoker

There are only a couple of sensations that can be compared to that of using an electric smoker to cook your favorite type of food. The satisfactions that we get doesn’t come solely from tasting that perfectly smoked fish, but from preparation as well. The whole process of marinating the meat, drying it, setting the temperature and using the right ingredients also matters.

Are you familiar with the whole process of smoking the meat? Surely you must be since you’re here, but are you aware of which are the best wood chips for your electric smoker?

Different Types of Wood and Smokers

There are various models of electric smokers that you can find online, or directly in the shop. However, not every model suits your taste. To find the right model for you, you must ask yourself a couple of questions first.

How often do you intend to use the electric smoker to thermally prepare your fish or any other type of meat? What size do you prefer? If you haven’t figured this yet, you can inquire about different models here, as well as learn about their specs and performance.

However, if you already decided which model you prefer, or better yet already have it at home, there is only one remaining matter to resolve. Which type of wood chips to use for which type of meat.

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Matching Tastes

Every experienced chef knows which type of ingredient goes with which type of meat, as well as how different types of food behave on the heat. He should also know how to use the electric smoker, oven or any other cooking appliances. By now, you’re probably wondering whether you’re using the right wood chips for your electric smoker, right? So let’s see what are the best wood chips and how well they go with different types of meat.

Whether your smoking chicken, fish like salmon or anything similar, you must pay attention to the type of wood chips that you use for it. Basically, you can’t make a mistake when it comes to smoking meat.

But using the wrong type of wood chips will change the taste as well as the smell of the meat you choose for your smoking session.

So if you like mild flavored meat like chicken or salmon, you should go for something fruity like cherry, apple, peach or even pear wood chips.

However, if you prefer strong-flavored meat like turkey, pork or beef you should use wood chips type like ash, maple, pecan or anything else with smoked fragrance. So let’s explain each type of wood chips in detail so that you know what to use with each type of meat you’re smoking.


Peach wood chips go really well with all sorts of light meat like chicken or turkey breast. It will indeed change the flavor of your favorite meat and add that fruity and sweet taste to it. There’s nothing that can compare to fresh smoked peach-flavored meat coming out your electrics smoker.

So if you prefer fruit flavored meat, and at the same time love peaches, you should definitely use peach wood chips for smoking your chicken or turkey.


pear wood chipsBeing that pear has a specific taste, and smell, this wood chips go really well with medium flavored meat like light-dark meat and salmon. Cooking is all about experimenting with ingredients and meat combinations.

If you prefer a specific taste, and you think that it should go well with your favorite meat, then by all means, do try to mix those two up. Presuming that you possess any taste and common sense about cooking, you shouldn’t have any difficulties with mixing flavors and fragrances.


Cherry has a particularly sweet and sour taste, so naturally cherry wood chips provide the same smoked flavor to meat that being smoked. If you haven’t had any experience using this particular type of wood chips for smoking, you should learn about the cherry tree itself, to find out how it burns, smokes and preheats.

So if you love to add different ingredients to your food, and above all love the taste smell or even the texture of cherries, try using cherry wood chips next time you smoke meat.

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maple wood chipsEveryone loves maple, right? Well, most of us anyway. We use maple syrup for our pancakes and cakes, but what about meat? Surely you’re aware that marinating food significantly improves its taste. But using a maple wood chips to smoke your already marinated meat, now that’s a great way to start a day. There nothing more appealing that cooking with style.

So if you love the sweet taste of maple, then go ahead and use maple wood chips for your meat to add that sweet smoked fragrance. We promise you that, every bite that you take will taste like nothing before.



Any strong flavored meat goes well with mesquite wood chips. And why is that? Well only because it intensifies already strong and specific taste of your ribs, beat steak or any other dark meat that you’re smoking. You can’t go wrong with combining this wood chips with any beef, pork or venison.

Here’s a quick tip when using this wood chips, don’t overdo it, as it is so strong that it may completely overpower the original taste of meat.


Using hickory wood chips isn’t advised for beginners in smoking, but experimenting is what cooking is all about. The best thing about this wood chips is that is goes well in combination with other types of wood chips as well.

hickory wood chips

So if you want to keep the fruity taste of your meat and at the same time add some smoked fragrance to it, try using hickory, and you won’t be disappointed.

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Everyone if familiar with this type of tree. But what about using if smoking your meat. Oak is one of the most commonly used types of wood chips for smoking. It goes well with light as well as dark meat. You can even use it in combination with other similar types to ensure that your meat tastes like nothing that you’ve ever tasted before.